Grayson Waller and Apollo Crews have been involved in a rivalry as of late that has intensified after Grayson Waller apparently injured Apollo Crews’ eyes. Since then, Apollo Crews has vowed revenge. This led to a casket match between the two at NXT Halloween Havoc.

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The casket match had a lot of Undertaker vibes. The casket was even brought out by the druids before the match could begin. Hence, it was only fitting that during the match Grayson Waller would mock The Undertaker using his signature taunt.

The match was physical as expected and ended with Apollo Crews locking Grayson Waller in the casket to pick up the win. Although it was a weird storyline, the match between these two superstars was still good. It will be interesting to see if this match marks the end of this feud.


This was an apparent homage to the Deadman, but it didn’t help Waller win the match.

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