It’s spooky season and NXT is back with another premium live event for its fans around the world. And we at Ringside News have you covered with live play-by-play results coverage. Start time for NXT Halloween Havoc is 8:00 PM EST with the 30-minute-long Kick-Off Show. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

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This year’s Halloween Havoc features the return of Shotzi Blackheart as the show’s host. The NXT alumna will be joined by Quincy Elliott as co-host. NXT Halloween features a stacked card, and multiple superstars from NXT UK are set to compete on the show. The premium live event includes multiple gimmick matches as well. All NXT titles with the exception of the NXT Men and Women’s Tag Team Championships will be defended on the show. Check out the full card for Halloween Havoc down below.

Bron Breakker (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh


Mandy Rose (c) vs. Alba Fyre

Carmelo Hayes vs. Nathan Frazer vs. Oro Mensah vs. Von Wagner vs. Wes Lee

Cora Jade vs. Roxanne Perez

Damon Kemp vs. Julius Cree. If Damon Kemp wins, Brutus Creed must leave NXT *

Apollo Crews vs. Grayson Waller

And that’s the rundown for tonight’s premium live event. Let us know which match you’re most excited for and if you expect any surprises in store. The show begins at 8PM and all you have to do is click that refresh link below for the latest results. Enjoy the show!

Keep refreshing this page during the show for constant live updates!!!

Kick-Off Show

The kick-off begins with a video package for Halloween Havoc. McKenzie Mitchell welcome viewers to the show. McKenzie is joined by Sam Roberts and David LaGreca. The hosts recap the matches for the show. Sam Roberts, who’s dressed as Stone Cold Steve Austin with a smocking skull belt replica on his shoulders starts off the conversation by bringing the heated rivalry between Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez.

We then see the promo for Apollo Crews versus Grayson Waller. Crews says Waller tried to permanently blind his vision. We also see Chucky on the screen. The two participants are then seen standing in front of each other. Shotzi Blackheart then spins the wheel to reveal the stipulation for the match. The two stars will face each other in a casket match. Waller looks worried and Apollo Crews asks him if Waller wants him to hold his breath as he walks off laughing.

We see Bron Breakker arriving in the parking lot. The camera then shows Alba Fyre with a half face paint and her signature baseball bat. Alba Fyre invites Mandy Rose for a showdown. Mandy Rose is shown next, watching Alba Fyre’s video. Rose promises to battle fire with fire. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne warns her but Mandy Rose says they’re Toxic Attraction and they’ll overcome the odds like always.

We see a video package recapping the rise and fall of Diamond Mine. The hosts talk about the intensity and bitterness involved in the ambulance match between Julius Creed and Damon Kemp. The hosts pick their victors between Creed and Kemp for the match. Next for recap is the fatal-five ladder match for the vacant NXT North American Championship. We see the all-out brawl that transpired between all five participants this past Tuesday night on NXT. We see JD McDonagh arriving in the parking lot.

The hosts discuss the stakes for NXT Championship match between defending champion Bron Breakker and challenger JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov. We see a video package for the match. Ilja Dragunov is show next but before Toxic Attraction walks past him, completely ignoring him in the process, for Mandy Rose’s match against Alba Fyre. The kick-off show ends with another promo for Halloween Havoc.

Main Show

Co-hosts Quincy Elliott and Shotzi Blackheart are in the arena. Shoti Blackheart welcomes fans in attendance and watching at home to the showtime. We hear the voice of Vic Joseph, who’s joined by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

NXT North American Championship Fatal Five-Way Ladder Match

(Carmelo Hayes vs. Nathan Frazer vs. Oro Mensah vs. Wes Lee vs. Von Wagner)

Kicking off the action is the fatal five way ladder match for the vacant North American Championship. Nathan Frazer is the first participant to enter the ring. Oro Mensah is up next. He is followed by Wes Lee, who receives a decent pop. Von Wagner enters the arena accompanied by Robert Stone. The big man soaks up the atmosphere before entering the ring.

Former N.A. Champion Carmelo Hayes enters last. The A-Champ gets a custom entrance but isn’t joined by Trick Williams, which is strange. All participants look at the title up for grabs. Match stars and Wes Lee throws Hayes out of the ring. Nathan Frazer and Oro Mensah double superkick Wagner out as well. It’s Mensah and Frazer in the ring now. Frazer clears the ring and dives out on Wagner.

We see the first ladder entering the match. Frazer and Mensah try to take out Hayes to shows off impressive agility, but is hit by the ladder. Wes Lee is hit next, followed by Wagner who’s still struggling to enter the ring. Hayes controls the match but is taken out by Frazer, who grabs the ladder in hopes to climb the top. Oro Mensah delivers an impressive northern lights to Frazer. Mensah gets attacked by Hayes from behind, only to get back bodydropped by Mensah onto the ladder.

Wes Lee recovers and takes out some of the participants in the ring. Lee then traps Wagner with a ladder to the second turnbuckle. A huge big boot and Wes Lee is turned upside down. It’s Wagner with the ladder now and he’s clearing the ring. Wagner delivers a massive powerbomb on Frazer on the ladder. Hayes gets back in the ring to take out Wagner. Hayes grabs the ladder but doesn’t notice Frazer who takes him out with a huge drop kick. Wes Lee takes out Frazer with a ladder drop, but hurts him in the process.

Oro Mensah recovers and hits Wes Lee with a moonsault on the ladder from the second rope. Trick Williams arranges another ladder for Hayes to hit his finisher on Oro Mensah. The A-Champ focuses his attention on Frazer, who takes him out with a Spanish Fly onto the ladder from the second rope.

Wagner re-enters the ring and takes out Frazer with a chokeslam. Wes Lee levels Wagner with an inziguri. Oro Mensah is the only one in the ring now, but Trick Williams pushes the ladder away, prompting Mensah to jump and land on the outside, his hand brushes with the apron during the process.

Trick Williams realizes the opportunity and decides to climb the ladder to retrive the belt. Robert Stone stops him but Williams pushes him away. Mr. Stone lands on the top rope and falls to the outside. Wan Wagner gets up and stars arranging a ladder on the outside. Wagner fights off Mensah, who gratefully isn’t hurt from that awkward landing, and Hayes. Wes Lee puts Wagner on the ladder, allowing Frazer to destroy him and the ladder with a huge splash off the top rope.

Wes Lee takes out Frazer with a splash of his own. Mensah takes out Lee, but is taken out by Hayes. Lee recovers and takes out Hayes. It’s only Wes Lee standing now. Won Wagner recovers as well and brings another ladder to the ring. Wagner lifts Lee on his shoulders and throws him all the way to the outside onto the announcer’s table.

Wagner is stopped in his attempts to retrieve the belt by Frazer. Both superstars land on the outside. Oro Mensah takes out Wagner with a senton onto the barricade. Mensah and Frazer then hit Wagner with a ladder to the abdomen. Mensah and Frazer realize the opportunity and rush to climb the ladder. It’s a struggle on the top until Mensah pushes Frazer off the ladder. Carmelo Hayes takes out Mensah but is himself taken out by Wes Lee who jumps from another ladder onto the main ladder to hit Hayes with a punch.

Wes Lee and Carmelo Hayes struggle for a bit until Lee takes out the A-Champ with a double knee on the second ladder. Lee struggles to climb but manages to retrieve the belt, becoming the new NXT North American Champion in the process.

Winner and new NXT North American Champion, Wes Lee

Wes Lee sits on the top of the ladder as the crowd chants “you deserve it.” We see the hype video for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match between defending champion Roman Reigns and challenger Logan Paul at Crown Jewel. Next on screen is Bianca Belair recapping her athletic career in high school. The E.S.T. talks about her struggles and reveals how WWE came to her life with an offer of a lifetime. We see all of Bianca’s accomplishment so far in WWE.

We see JD McDonagh preparing for his match against Bron Breakker and Ilja Dragunov. The camera then pans to Booker T and Vic Joseph. Booker T says he loves JD McDonagh and talks about his changes of winning the NXT Championship later on tonight. We see several hooded figures approaching the ring for the casket match between Apollo Crews and Grayson Waller but before that we’ve got a cinematic match for the NXT Women’s Championship.

NXT Women’s Championship Match

Mandy Rose (c) vs. Alba Fyre

We see the video recap from earlier during the night. Toxic Attraction are entering Alba Fyre’s pit. Mandy Rose is on the driver’s seat. Jacy Jayne is scared but Gigi Dolin talkes her out of the that. Toxic Attraction arrives in the battle zone. We see several spooky figures tryin to scare off the trio. A door opens by itself and we hear the voice of Alba Fyre echoing “Mandy.”

The trio enters the abandoned building and Mandy Rose tells the group to split and search for Alba Fyre. A statue scares off Jacy Jayne and she fights off a couple of skeletons. We see Alba Fyre standing behind Jayne as she grabs her by her face and takes to the back. Alba Fyre then searches Gigi Dolin, who’s having a casual conversation with the residents of the building.

The two fight but Alba Fyre gets the best of Gigi Dolin and traps her. We see Mandy Rose hitting a hooded figure in the jewels, telling him to “put some respect on my name.” The two finally confront each other and Alba Fyre hits Mandy Rose with a baseball bat. Alba Fyre destroys Mandy Rose and carries her back to her Range Rover.

Jacy Jayne pleads with Alba Fyre to stop but she takes both her and Dolin out before driving off with Mandy Rose inside the Range Rover, leaving rest of the Toxic Attraction to suffer at the abandoned building. The camera shows Booker T and Vic Joseph discussing the possible outcome of the haunted house brawl in utter shock. The promo for Grayson Waller versus Apollo Crews is shown next.

Casket Match

Apollo Crews vs. Grayson Waller

Alicia Taylor announces the upcoming bout between Waller and Crews. The NXT announcer states the rules of the match. Grayson Waller makes his entrance first. Waller is clad in a black boxing attire. He looks inside the casket before entering the ring. Apollo Crews makes his entrance next. He hasn’t got the blood in his eyes. Crews and Waller lock eyes before Crews completes his entrance.

The bell rings and then two immediately start hitting each other with fists. Crews delivers a couple of chops and elbows to Waller. Crews shows off impressive athleticism but Waller takes him out with a heel kick. The Australian drops a huge elbow. Waller does the Undertaker sit up in attempts to mock Crews, who does the same. The fight goes to the outside of the ring.

Waller pleads with Crews to stop before hitting him with a foot to the leg. Crews responds with a back body drop to the floor on the inside. The two re-enter the ring. Waller with the upper hand on Crews now. The fight once again goes to the outside. Crews takes out Waller with a drop kick onto the announcer’s table. The scuffle results in Vic Joseph losing his pen, which unbeknownst to him is already used by Waller to attack Crews.

Crews attempts to take out Waller with a superplex onto the casket but the Australian hurts him in the eye and sends him all the way down to the casket, which crashes in the process. Waller enters the ring and asks the referee to declare him the winner.

The lights go out and we see a couple of druids bringing a new casket. Booker T argues that the match should be over but the fight continues. Crews takes out Waller with a reverse body slam to the outside. Apollo Crews pushes Waller back to the ring. Apollo Crews delivers a couple of blows before levelling him with double knees to the gut. Crews pushes Waller into the casket. The two struggle to close the lid until both are inside.

Waller tries to move away from Crews who throws him to the outside. Crews hits Waller with a huge splash from the top of the casket to the outside. The fight continues inside the ring. Crews tried to hit Crews who counters with his finisher. Crews struggles to move but eventually recovers. The two stand on the apron. Crews throws Waller inside the casket with a huge chokeslam. The lid is shit and Crews is declared the winner.

Winner of the Casket Match, Apollo Crews!

We see a segment featuring members of the Andre Chase University. Mr. Chase throws several questions on the historical important of Halloween Havoc. We see Duke Hudson as the newest member of Chase U. Hudson Five correctly answers Andre Chase’s question and that shocks Bodhi Hayward, who apologizes to Mr. Chase for attending the class unprepared.

We see the promo for Bobby Lashley versus Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel. The video package recaps The Almighty year’s of dominance in the WWE. The cameras then show Mandy Rose struggling to wake up inside the car as Alba Fyre looks at her in disgust. We see Pretty Deadly being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchel. The duo is confronted by NXT Women’s Champion Katana Chance and Kayden Karter, but leave the interview midway.

Weapons Wild Match

Roxanne Perez vs. Cora Jade

Cora Jade makes her entrance first. Jade has her signature kendo stick with her. Roxanne Perez is up next. Perez has a skateboard with her. The match begins and Cora Jade throws different kinds of weapons at Perez, who blocks everything with her skateboard. Cora Jade finally gets a hold of the board but is taken out by Perez.

The NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament winner hits Jade with a suicide dive to the the outside. Jade tries to hide under the ring but Perez drags her out only to be sprayed in the eyes. It’s Cora Jade in control now. Cora Jade brings a couple of steel chairs to the ring and works the crowd in the process. Cora Jade arranges chairs and a trash can inside the ring.

Cora Jade traps Perez inside the trash can and hits her until she falls outside of the ring. A couple of trash can shots to the back follow. Cora Jade is completely dominating the match at this point. Cora Jade chokes Perez out with a rope. She tries to hit her opponent with a giant biker chain, but Perez avoids. Perez responds with a couple of moves of her own, and takes Jade out with a huge upper cut.

Roxanne Perez hits Jade with a couple of kendo stick shots to the back. The momentum is shifted in Jade’s favor after she hits Perez with a running knee to the face. The two women struggle on the top rope but Perez manages to take out Jade with a hurricanrana. Jade recovers and runs away into the crowd. Roxanne Perez follows her and the two trade blows on an elevated platform.

Cora Jade removes the steel barrier in order to throw Perez from the top. She tried to trash talk but Perez fights back. Perez struggles to hit the final blow but is caught off guard by Jade. The two women then fall from the elevated platform onto a table.

The fight gets back inside the ring. Perez reverses Jade’s move by putting her through a pile of chairs. She then delivers a Pop Rox to Jade on the same pile to end the match.

Winner of the Weapons Wild Match, Roxanne Perez!

We see a video package for The Miz. The promo is followed by a vignette showing someone burning a mask. It appears that NXT could be in line for a new debut. We see Ilja Dragunov preparing for his match inside the locker room. The Czar sees a Chucky figure looking at him from one the lockers and is like “okay.”

We return to the arena and Shotzi Blackheart is inside the ring. The SmackDown star recaps the action that’s so far taken place at Halloween Havoc. Shotzi Blackheart says they’re still so much to come. Quincy Elliott arrives wearing a banana costume and Vic Joseph says that The Super Diva is here to quench everyone’s thirst. Booker T doesn’t sound too happy about the comment.

Lash Legend interrupts the co-hosts and berates Shotzi Blackheart for hosting Halloween Havoc. Quincy Elliott takes several verbal shots at Lash Legend. Shotzi Blackheart has had enough puts out the disruptor with a DDT. Blackheart and Elliott then celebrate inside the ring.

We see a vignette hyping up the return of Charlotte Flair to WWE. The video package shows her impressive accomplishments in WWE. We then see a promo featuring Joe Gacy and The Dyad. Gacy reveals that the hooded figure who has been with them for quite some time now will finally reveal themselves this Tuesday on next. The promo ends with Joe Gacy saying, “four roots, one tree.”

Ambulance Match

Julius Creed vs. Damon Kemp

We see an ambulance arriving for the next match between Damon Kemp and Julius Creed. Damon Kemp is up first. He has a steel chair with Julius Creed’s name written on it. Creed makes his entrance next and throws several pumpkins on Kemp during his way to the ring. Julius takes out Kemp with a huge drop kick. The match begins and Julius is all down to business.

The two take the fight to the outside and Julius Creed hits Kemp with a slam onto the mat. Julius throws Kemp inside the ambulance. But Kemp stops him from closing the door with a crutch. Kemp then hit his former partner with several crutch shots. Julius responds by blowing a fire extinguisher on his opponent’s face. Kemp throws Julius onto the steel steps before taking him out with the same object.

Kemp carries Julius on his shoulders to the ambulance. Julius recovers and hits him with an elbow wo the face. Kemp hits Julius with a chair shot to the back before hitting him with the ambulance door. Julius recovers and pushes Kemp all the way to the ring post. The Diamond Mind member then brings the steel steps to the ring. Kemp plants Julius with a slam onto the steel steps. He works the crowd by standing on the steps while Julius struggles to recover outside.

Kemp slams Julius’ face on the steel steps, but is caught on a wheel chair. Julius pushes a crutch inside the cheer to prevent Kemp from escaping. The fight continues and Julius has the upper hand. Kemp avoids a double stomp to the chest by blowing fire extinguisher on Julius face. A stretcher is finally introduced to the match. The fight returns to the ambulance. Kemp has Julius once again placed inside the vehicle. He destroys Julius’ hand by slamming the ambulance door against it.

Julius Creed recovers and attacks Kemp in a fit of rage. Julius Creed throws Kemp into a table before dragging him back to the ring. Julius Creed then destroys Kemp with multiple chair shots to the back outside the ring. A powerbomb to the stretcher follows and Kemp is out cold. Julius lands a final chair shot on Kemp before carrying him on his shoulder all the way to the ambulance. Julius Creed throws Kemp inside the ambulance, slams the door shot, and wins the match.

Winner of the Ambulance Match, Julius Creed!

Julius Creed celebrates with Ivy Nile and Brutus Creed inside the ring. We see the ambulance carrying Damon Kemp out of the arena. The ambulance crosses paths with a Range Rover. It’s Alba Fyre and she’s returned to the arena with Mandy Rose in the back of the cover. The two enter the ring and the referee finally signals for the match to begin.

NXT Women’s Championship

Mandy Rose (c) vs. Alba Fyre

The match kicks off and Alba Fyre has the upper hand. Fyre tried to end the match early by performing her finisher from the top rope but Mandy Rose pushes her to the outside. Rose then slams Alba Fyre’s back of the head against the the announcer’s table. The action returns to the ring and Mandy Rose has the upper hand this time around.

Alba Fyre finally recovers but the momentum is short lived as the two women take each other our with a double clothesline. Vic Joseph cheekily mentions that someone should check on Wade Barrett for what Alba Fyre is doing to Mandy Rose. The NXT Women’s Champion hits a beautiful spinebuster on Fyre, who recovers and hits a Swanton Bomb on Rose.

The match is about to end in Fyre’s favor but Toxic Attraction returns to save the count. The referee gets knocked out in the process and Alba Fyre is unable to get another pin after she pulls out a gory bomb on Rose. Alba Fyre gets the referee inside the ring but is attacked by Toxic Attraction, allowing Mandy Rose to put her down with a running knee.

One, two, three and Mandy Rose is still the NXT Women’s Champion!

We see vignette for Cody Rhodes. The video package shows the triumph return of Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania all the way to his career-defining performance at Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins. Next up on screen is the hype video for Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley’s match at Crown Jewel.

We see a focused Bron Breakker grabbing his title and leaving the locker room. The camera then pans to McKenzie Mitchel’s backstage interview with Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark. Idris and Edris Enofé & Malik Blade show up and say they’ll win the NXT Tag Team Championship from Pretty Deadly this Tuesday on NXT. The camera goes back to Booker T and Vic Joseph, who recap the matches for NXT Title Tuesday. Plus, Shotzi Blackheart returns to NXT to take on Lash Legend this Tuesday. Now, it’s time for the main event.

NXT Championship Match

Bron Breakker (c) vs. JD McDonagh vs. Ilja Dragunov

JD McDonagh makes his entrance first. Ilja Dragunov is up next and he’s super pumped for the title match. Booker T says Dragunov has the chance to play his greatest symphony tonight. Bron Breakker arrives and he gets a custom entrance. The champion destroys the tombstones with his opponents’ name written on them. Alicia Taylor with the introductions.

The ring signals for the match to begin and Dragunov takes out McDonagh. Breakker throws him aside and stars throwing punches on McDonagh. The power stuggle continues until The Irish Ace takes advantage of the opportunity and takes them both out. McDonagh takes out Dragunov with a clothesline and focuses his attention on Breakker. Dragunov recovers but is once again taken out with a bridge suplex. Dragunov and McDonagh then trade several chops to the chest. Breakker is recovering on the outside.

McDonagh hits Dragunov with a beautiful standing moonsault, but doesn’t get a three count. The Czar then gets thrown to the turnbuckle. Breakker finally gets to play his part but is immediately pushed away. The three stars finally get inside the ring. Breakker shows off his tremendous strength by hitting The Czar with a belly to belly. The champion continues to dominate until McDonagh breaks a three count.

Dragunov hits McDonagh with a couple of elbow shots to the neck and takes out Breakker with a boot to the face. McDonagh tried to hit Dragunov with The Devlin Side but The Czar lifts him up and slams him onto Breakker. Dragunov then hits a coast-to-coast on his opponents. All three men are down now. Breakker gets up first and exchange a couple of blows with The Czar. McDonagh attempts to troll them by clapping with the crowd, but the two see through his antics.

It’s Breakker and Dragunov versus McDonagh now. The two completely destroy McDonagh and throw him out of the ring. Another face-off and a couple of blows are exchanged between Breakker and Dragunov, who hits back to back lariats on the champion. McDonagh attacks the two from behind and gets to the top rope for an aerial move. Breakker stops him and joins him on the rope. Breakker delivers a hurricanrana while Dragnov catches McDonagh with a powerbomb. Chants of “holy s**t” and “this is awesome” erupts.

Dragunov plants Breakker and McDonagh with repeated chops to the chest. McDonagh responds with a moonsault off the second rope to the outside, taking out both men in process. McDonagh pushes Breakker to the inside of the ring. The two go back to the turnbuckle. Dragunov tries to pin Breakker but is taken out by McDonagh with a 450 splash. McDonagh hits Breakker with a brain buster but is unable to get the three count. Breakker hits a German on both McDonagh and Dragunov. He sets up Dragunov for the finisher but is thrown out by McDongah.

The champion gets back and runs for a spear on Dragunov, who counters with running knee. Dragunov delivers a Torpedo Moscow on Breakker but McDonagh catches the referee’s hand before it could hit the mat for the third count.

McDonagh tries to destroy Dragunov’s ankle with a chair shot onto the steel steps, but misses and gets hit with a Torpedo Moscow instead. Breakker and Dragunov take the action to the inside. The Czar has the upper hand and plants Breakker with a couple of hard-hitting moves. Dragunov attempts to hit another Torpedo Mosco on Breakker who counters it with a spear. Breakker pins Dragunov for the win as McDonagh is too exhausted to stop the third count. Breakker celebrates his win in the ring as the show goes off the air.

Winner and still NXT Champion, Bron Breakker!

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