Santos Escobar created Legado Del Fantasma alongside Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde, and the faction dominated the NXT brand. LDF’s debut on the main roster was inevitable since the group has ruled the brand for the past two years. Escobar recently discussed the changes that were done to the group in preparation for their main roster debut.

Zelina Vega, who replaced Elektra Lopez in the group, is being considered an upgrade. WWE wanted to add an experienced female wrestler to the faction, and interestingly enough, this was last-minute decision. Fans are happy nonetheless.

Escobar appeared on WWE Español’s show “El Brunch”, where he talked about LDF’s call-up and his personal goals as well. He also stated that Vega’s addition to the group favors both them and her.

All great family businesses grow and you have to grow with acquisitions, with joining other companies and other corporations to build Empires. Zelina Vega is a superstar that knows the roads of Raw, SmackDown & WrestleMania. This union favors her and it favors us. Together, like all great companies, we will go far. As long as our interests are aligned, there will not be anyone that can stop us. You gave me a great picture. Santos Escobar, Zelina, Joaquin (Wilde) & Cruz (Del Toro). A group that I feel is unstoppable, very powerful, and dominant, and that the world tends to take for granted. They say “Meh, they are too small or too heavy”, but we are warriors and we do not care to die on the line. Others do not have that.


Anyone that underestimates us is committing a grave mistake because we are here with an unstoppable hunger. I reiterate, we have the backing of a lot of people that come from the bottom, that are oppressed, and that is adjusted to hearing people say “Not you”. We are not that small and we know how to talk, which is why they have me. I know how to express myself in the ring and out of the ring. All of the weaknesses that our minority group may have, which I believe is now a majority, are the strengths we will present, including our legacy and our heritage. That is what makes the group, including myself in particular.

Escobar is scheduled to appear on the October 29th & 30th House Shows in Monterrey & Mexico City as part of WWE’s Weekend tour in Mexico. We’ll have to wait and see if he has a match on those shows, and there’s no word on whether Vega will be there.

What do you think of Zelina Vega’s addition to Legado Del Fantasma? Sound off in the comments!

Saksham Bartsch

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