Legado Del Fantasma have dominated the NXT brand for the past two years. They have taken on everyone and come out on top. After being a trio of men since their inception, Elektra Lopez was added to the group last year. Given their dominance, it was imminent that Ledago Del Fantasma were headed to the main roster.

On the October 7th edition of SmackDown, the group made their main roster debut by attacking Hit Row. However, fans quickly noticed that Elektra Lopez wasn’t there with the group. Instead, Zelina Vega was revealed as the fourth member. This had fans confused as to why WWE decided to replace Elektra Lopez with Zelina Vega.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE had originally planned for Elektra Lopez to debut alongside her stablemates and even booked her ticket to Worcester. However, WWE decided to change their plans and go with Zelina Vega has they want both the women to wrestle and felt that Zelina Vega would make a better opponent for B-Fab.

This week on SmackDown, the two women from both the factions got physical when Zelina Vega attacked B-Fab. It will be interesting to see how WWE decide to take this feud forward as well as what are their plans for Elektra Lopez going forward.


What do you make of WWE reasoning for replacing Elektra Lopez with Zelina Vega? Sound off in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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