Gangrel has worked with several pro-wrestling legends over the course of his career. He’s been heavily involved with wrestling behind the camera as well. He recently recalled a prank that late, great Owen Hart once pulled on him.

Gangrel appeared on K & S WrestleFest virtual meet & greet, where he shared more about the backstage prank. He said that the watch that he kept in his locker room had vanished when he returned from a wrestling match, and the people who were in the locker room before the match were gone as well. So naturally, he knew who to suspect.

I go in [the locker room] this time, and there’s all these … Little people, right? So they’re all in there, and I’m like, ‘What are they all doing in here?’ So, I would dress – I’ll keep it short – I put my watch into my bag and everything and I go out and wrestle. I come back to get dressed and my watch is gone. I’m like, ‘What?’ So I want to go accuse these little people because they’ve never been in a locker room before but I didn’t think that would look cool or anything saying, ‘Hey, you little bastards, you stole my watch!

The Vampire Warrior then described the hilarious moment when he realized Owen was the one who stole it. However, it had already been four months after the incident. ‘That b***h’s son! Gangrel stated, “He got me.”


As I was leaving out, and right where catering was and everything, Owen stopped me and goes, ‘Hey, Dave. What time is it?’ I had my other watch on, I had my gym watch, and I went, ‘Oh, it’s 10:30.’ ‘Okay, thanks.’ I didn’t think anything of it. I don’t know, four months go by or something, I’m dressing in that same spot, I go wrestle. I come back, I go to get dressed and my watch is there … I go to walk out and as I’m passing that same exact spot where catering was and everything, Owen goes, ‘Hey Dave, what time is it?’ ‘Oh!’ I didn’t sell it, I just told him what time it was and I walked, and I go, ‘That son of a b***h! He got me.

Owen Hart was known as a notorious prankster backstage. Several WWE stars who have worked with him have shared their experience with the legend’s antics. Gangrel recently said he won’t rule out the possibility of his return to WWE.

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