Gangel was knowing for portraying one of the most infamous characters in WWE history. He work as a vampire was able to strike fear in his opponents and also helped get him over. Although he never won any major titles, he was still a memorable wrestler.

A wrestler such as Gangrel needed a formidable opponent, and that opponent was Steve Blackman. The two men competed against each from 1998 to 2000 with their bouts taking place on Sunday Night Heat, WWE Jakked, and house show.

Gangrel and Steve Blackman even found themselves in the same match at Survivor Series 1999 pay-per-view that saw them team with Mark Henry and Val Venis to defeat the British Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse. During an appearance on K&S Wrestlefest, Gangrel reflected on his matches with Steve Blackman and even called him a ‘legit badass.’


“I loved wrestling Steve Blackman, he was tremendous. He was one of my favorite guys to wrestle. I ran into him at an airport a couple of years ago, he looked great. … He’s a nice guy, man. I love him. He was a legit badass.”

While Gangrel is still an active competitor, Steve Blackman’s last one-on-one match was in 2004 when defeated Sugaa in a World Xtreme Wrestling show. Prior to that, he hadn’t stepping inside the squared circle since 2001.

Do you think Steve Blackman is as tough as Gangrel says he is? Let us know your thoughts.

Sunil Joseph

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