Jon Moxley made his debut at AEW Double Or Nothing 2019 and instantly became a huge star there. He has truly been one of the most consistent and dependable stars in the company as well. Moxley recently signed a 5-year contract with AEW which has certain restrictions.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed a variety of topics related to Jon Moxley’s new contract on Wrestling Observer Radio. After all, Mox just lost the GCW World Title to Nick Gage, leaving a lot of options up in the air.

According to the press release that AEW sent out, Moxley is going to be exclusive for AEW and JNPW. However, Meltzer noted that Moxley does have the right to do independents.

In order to compete in indies, Tony must approve it. However, he won’t be appearing on as many independent shows as he did previously. Moxley doesn’t want to work such a demanding schedule and strain himself.


The way it was written, you know, in the press release was that he’s going to be exclusive for AEW and New Japan. But he does have the right to do independents. Tony has to approve it, but that’s how it’s always been. But he will not be doing as many independent shows as he was doing before.

He doesn’t wanna stress himself out and do this hard of a schedule. Although he definitely wants to do it at some point. Maybe not next year, but that’s one of the things he wants to do. He definitely wants to do New Japan.

Jon Moxley’s most recent title win came during the main event of AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam. Mox defeated Bryan Danielson to win the vacant AEW World Championship. Let’s see what’s in store for Moxley in the future. If anything, we know that his indie dates are not going to be as plentiful.

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