MJF is definitely one of the major stars in the AEW roster. Despite the AEW All Out fiasco, MJF made his return and made it count. Even though the media scrum gathered a lot more attention, MJF has managed to hold the attention of fans in the long run.

The AEW superstar recently spoke to Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour. He spoke about many things, such as his opinion on the All Out media scrum brawl as well as his status in the company.

MJF made sure to dodge the question about the media scrum with expert precision. He also revealed that he signed a new deal with the company, which entitles him to over $1 million per annum from the company. He took to Twitter and made an interesting tweet.

The star tweeted that there’s a “fat bonus incoming.” It’s unclear what he meant by it, though it could certainly mean that apart from his yearly salary, he could be getting a large bonus on the side.


Fat bonus incoming.

MJF is extremely famous because he is absolutely fearless behind the mic. He recently gave an extreme reason for wanting to date shorter girls, and gave away his porn history in front of the camera.

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