MJF is easily one of the most trendy AEW superstars, and that’s no surprise to anyone. His charismatic presentation and indomitable promo skills make him a very marketable presence in the promotion.

The star recently spoke with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. He discussed many things such as signing new deal with AEW, though he did not ink a contract extension with them.

Helwani asked MJF about the recent AEW All Out Brawl that is getting a lot of attention from everyone. MJF said that he “can’t comment on the press conference” and that he wasn’t concerned with the brawl at all, as he had nothing to do with him. He repeated a famous line from political commentator Ben Shapiro, saying “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

MJF spoke about numbers, saying that numbers are not deceitful. He added that whenever he goes out, he always pops a huge number in terms of viewership. After all, AEW kills it in the rating game.


It doesn’t apply to me. It doesn’t concern me, and again, I’m gonna use numbers and I’ll tell you why, numbers don’t lie. Numbers are facts and facts don’t care about your feelings. Whenever I go out there, I pop a huge number. We just killed it in the ratings.

Interestingly enough, MJF was said to be witness to that brawl. He’s not talking about it though.

CM Punk spoke his heart out at the AEW All Out media scrum. That resulted in a huge brawl between him, The Young Bucks, Ace Steel, and Kenny Omega. The Young Bucks recently confirmed that they’re still “suspended AF” after the brawl. While those who tried to break off the brawl got initial suspensions, they were soon lifted after the progress of the internal investigation.

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