Dakota Kai is on her way up in WWE ever since her return. Kai and IYO SKY became WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions on the September 12th episode of WWE Raw by defeating Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah. They have big aspirations for those titles.

Kai’s win gives her a formidable position in WWE. She spoke on El Brunch de WWE and spoke about her victory. While the duo initially wanted the win, that didn’t work out according to them. The rematch was their opportunity to grab, and they did it.

So with the Women’s Tag Team Championships being brought back, and then creating a tournament around it, during the tournament, we were really adamant that we were going to be the ones to win those championship. In the finals, it didn’t work out that way, so I think with the rematch, we knew we had to be the ones to win them.

Kai desires to elevate not only their position as a duo, but the position of the women’s division. She said that she would defend these titles alongside IYO against anyone who wants to try.


For IYO and I to win these tag team championships, not only does it do something for us, and us as a group, but it does something for the division. I would love to defend these tag team championships against any team that wants to challenge for them. I think that that only elevates us, but it elevates the division and all the women within it together. I want so badly for this division to continue to be elevated and lifted and just to prove that we are worthy of these tag team championships. Whoever wants to try and take them off of us, it’s not gonna be that easy. So [laughs] it was such a cool moment.

Dakota Kai recently celebrated her biggest WWE milestone ever. She was a massive star in WWE NXT, though she was released back in May. While fans wondered what’s next for her in store, they were surprised after she debuted on the main roster alongside Bayley and IYO SKY.

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