KENTA is one of the most well-known Japanese stars in the world right now. He joined WWE back in 2014, where he was known as Hideo Itami. He also blames CM Punk for his bad experience in WWE.

Itami never quite had a memorable run in WWE as it was always plagued by injuries. It was around the same time when CM Punk infamously walked out of WWE as well.

Since Punk used the GTS move as a finisher in WWE for a long time, KENTA wasn’t allowed to use the maneuver during his stint in the company. KENTA took to Twitter and blamed CM Punk for his terrible experience in the company.

Let the world know. One of my worst experience in this business is that I was not allowed to use MY finishing move for 4 years. A move which I created on my own. WHAT A LIFE.


KENTA also believes Bobby Fish was right in eviscerating CM Punk recently. CM Punk and KENTA are certainly no strangers to each other. CM Punk has openly credited KENTA for the idea of the GTS finisher as far back as 2012 as well. Despite this, KENTA still has beef with Punk and it is unlikely to end anytime soon.

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