WWE icon Ric Flair is one of the biggest supporters of Vince McMahon. Vince recently celebrated his 77th birthday at the Waverly Inn restaurant in New York. Several big names were present at the party but Ric Flair wasn’t invited. Ric recently shared his feelings after not getting an invitation.

John Cena and his wife Shay Shariatzadeh were recently spotted at the party. Additionally, Brock Lesnar and commentator Pat McAfee also attended the party. In a recent episode of the To Be The Man podcast, Flair brought up McMahon and playfully questioned why he wasn’t invited to the party.

Why wasn’t I invited to his [Vince McMahon] birthday party? What in the hell [laughs]. I don’t think he thinks I can be – what’s the word I use with him – I’ll be discreet. I should have been at that party though. Damn it, come on. I’m his biggest fan, even though he doesn’t like John [Cena] to be around me.

The Nature Boy claimed that the reason McMahon didn’t invite him was that he believed he couldn’t be discreet. McMahon made his first public appearance after leaving the WWE at his birthday celebration. Flair frequently praises McMahon for supporting him during difficult times in his life and career and believes the two are close friends.


The Nature Boy was disappointed by McMahon’s retirement and thinks he would struggle to adapt to his new way of life. Flair recently disclosed that he had personally thanked McMahon for restoring his appearance in the RAW and SmackDown intros, which had been eliminated following his departure from the company. Check out the video below.

What’s your take on Ric Flair not getting Invited to McMahon’s birthday? Sound off in the comments!

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