Ric Flair is a two-time WWE Hall Of Fame and has competed in several classic matches throughout his career. He has worked with several legends in the business, including Randy Savage. That being said, The Nature Boy recently shared some insight on the Macho Man.

Randy Savage is also one of the most beloved pro wrestling legends of all time. He was always paired with Miss Elizabeth, who was his wife until they eventually got divorced.

While speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair talked about his relationship with The Macho Man. Flair stated that he believes Savage never quite got over Miss Elizabeth.

“I don’t think Randy ever, ever, ever, until the day died, got over Liz. He had remarried obviously and I understand he was very happy prior to the car wreck and the heart attack and all that, but I don’t think while I knew Randy, and while we were in the business, he ever got over Liz. That’s a very fair take on my part because I worked with him before, during, and after.”


“The Randy Savage that I worked with in the 90s and the Randy that came to WCW were two different people. He was 40 pounds heavier. He just wasn’t the same guy. I know that he looked great. I’m not taking anything away from his look, but he was probably 35 pounds, at least, heavier than he was in the 90s. That may have been in the 80s when he wrestled Steamboat when they had that classic at WrestleMania. He just wasn’t the same guy. I just think he loved her so much. I really felt bad for him on a personal note when she came back to WCW. She married a lawyer for a while in Fort Lauderdale, and like so many of us that have been on the road, just got tired of that life. Then she showed up with Lex and I can’t imagine how hard that was for Randy to go to work every day. I mean, think about it, the love of your life and you gotta look at her every day with somebody else.”

Randy Savage was also said to be more emotional than CM Punk backstage in WWE. Regardless, his contributions to the business will never be forgotten and that’s what matters.

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