Matt Riddle’s personal life has been a magnet for scandals. Riddle was in a relationship with OnlyFans star Daniella Petrow, but it wasn’t the healthiest of relationships. Now that they are split up, Petrow is exposing a ton of things on her Twitter account.

Click here for our first report on her bombshell text messages, including Riddle talking about slew of things we can’t even repeat here.

Petrow took to Twitter where she revealed more stories from other women who Riddle allegedly mistreated. It was revealed in one tweet that a woman allegedly met Riddle for the first time two weeks go, and he slapped her backside without consent. She confessed that she was intimidated, because Riddle is a former UFC fighter and a WWE wrestler. She then disclosed in detail what Riddle did with her in the hotel room when she woke up in the morning, and it was NSFW. Petrow captioned that allegation in her own way.

Two weeks ago in Canada she deserves waking up in @SuperKingofBros w him kneeling next to her face naked told her to deep throat him and then bitch about her going to sleep when he took her back to the room instead of fuckin .


It should be noted that the girl later said that she thought her friend set up the uninvited butt-slap. Either way, it isn’t the best look for the Original Bro.

Click here for Petrow’s shocking follow-up accusation about forced oral pleasure.

Petrow tagged WWE, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and, for some odd reason, Alexa Bliss, and Doudrop in the tweet as wel. It will be difficult for Riddle and WWE if these accusations start getting out of hand. Riddle has yet to respond to these heinous allegations.

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