Matt Riddle’s personal life is taking a blow with every passing minute. As we previously reported, his OnlyFans model ex Daniella Petrow dropped bombshell text messages in multiple tweets to expose Riddle as an alleged sexual predator. Petrow also posted a confessional video detailing even more about her experience with the Original Bro.

TRIGGER WARNING: The following article contains a story that could be a massive trigger for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Please be aware of this as you proceed.

Riddle’s ex took uploaded on Twitter in which she claimed that she was forced into oral sex. She was allegedly constricted in a position where she couldn’t move. Petrow confessed that she wasn’t strong enough and that’s why she wanted to get it over with, so she gave in.

Here’s one for you. Try waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. I was laying on my back. And he’s just standing over me. Butt-naked, d-ck out and everything. And I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ Didn’t say a word. Just started arching further and further down. So his penis was near my face. I’m like half asleep. I can’t really move because his legs over me, one on each side, and I’m laying on my back.


And I felt pressured into giving him oral sex. I did it, so it could be over and done with. This was the first time because he always made me feel like a piece of sh-t for trying to give him oral pleasure because he was so traumatized by Candy Cartwright – Samantha accusing him of forcing her to do that. He did cause he put me in a situation where I knew if I didn’t do it, he was gonna lose his f-cking sh-t, make me feel guilty, and I wasn’t strong enough. I didn’t think anything of it until I opened my eyes, afterwards.

Petrow also referenced Riddle’s past scandal with Candy Cartwright aka Samantha Tavel in the video. Matt Riddle dealt with allegations during the #SpeakingOut movement from Tavel. He later came forward and admitted to infidelity, but he never admitted to sexually assaulting anyone.

Riddle has yet to respond to these heinous allegations. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get latest updates on this developing story. You may check out the confessional video below.

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Credit Ringside News for transcription.

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