Rey Mysterio has participated in 10 WWE WrestleMania matches over the course of his career. However, he has no intention of slowing down with WWE WrestleMania 39 just around the corner. The former World Champion has a particular opponent he’d want to face at WrestleMania.

Mysterio and his son Dominik have been a tag team since Dominik’s debut and have previously won the “WWE SmackDown” Tag Team Championships. Despite that fact, fans have been talking about Dominik as a prospective opponent for Mysterio. Rey revealed his personal choice for WrestleMania opponent on Inside The Ropes.

The one guy I had in mind, and it’s actually happening right now as we speak is Finn Balor. The opportunity of working against Finn, and these last couple of weeks that we have been on Raw, I really feel like we have great chemistry together. It was bound to happen just because I know how dedicated he is, and how committed he is, so I think the program I have been doing with Finn has been incredible. I mean, I always felt that it would be difficult to put my hands on top of my son and hurt him. I don’t only think about myself, but I also think about what my wife would feel, and I know it was hard, it’s been hard, I mean just coming up with that top is very difficult around the house.

Rey was asked about a potential feud with Dominik. He said it’s come up ever since his son began training as a wrestler, but he’s waiting for just the right moment to go for it. Dominik Mysterio once said he never thought he would wrestle Rey in WWE.


Rey Mysterio is currently feuding with Judgment Day alongside his son Dominik and Edge. We will have to wait and see how their feud will progress in the coming weeks. Check out the video below.

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h/t to Wrestling Inc.

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