Bray Wyatt’s WWE release shocked the world, but it seems his departure from Vince McMahon’s former company might come to an end soon enough.

Sean Sapp reported a big update behind Fightful’s paywall. It is very much expected within WWE that Triple H taking over the company’s creative direction will lead to the Eater of World’s return.

One talent said that he could tell by last year that Vince McMahon was simply “done” with Bray Wyatt, and just didn’t like him personally. McMahon would shout derogatory things at Bray Wyatt about his physique, which the talent believes actually stemmed from the fact that Wyatt would often criticize the lack of creative direction that his stories or characters would go to. When word emerged of Bray Wyatt having a “bad attitude,” that came from those who worked directly with Vince McMahon. There were also several other instances of rumors started within that circle to ease the heat off of WWE for releasing him. Those that worked with him heavily were quick to shoot down those rumors, which aren’t worth mentioning now. One WWE higher up said Vince McMahon had reservations whenever Wyatt’s name was brought up post-release.

It was also reported that another “higher-up” said, “When things were sh*t, Wyatt would say they were sh*t, and Vince saw that as difficult to deal with.” Obviously, the WWE landscape has changed a lot since then.


Another talent recalled that, saying that type of thing is why they specifically didn’t push back on their creative, because if Wyatt could get fired, they certainly didn’t feel safe. When the firing was cited as “budget cuts” that was another hit to morale for several we’d spoken to at the time. One talent said, “if he makes the company money hand over fist, and they use budget cuts as an excuse, what am I?” That talent has since been let go by the company.

It was also reported that, “We can confirm that his name has at least been pitched for a return within creative. However, that’s hardly guaranteeing a return, as many names have been pitched within creative, either by Triple H or someone else on the team.”

It wasn’t reported that Triple H and Bray Wyatt had any conversations about The Fiend coming back. Several WWE Superstars did say that they would “go to bat” for Wyatt if asked about him coming back.

We will have to see what’s next in this situation, but it seems that Bray Wyatt’s WWE return is not out of the question. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

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