Dolph Ziggler has become a mainstay on WWE television since his 2004 signing with the company. He began as member of the Spirit Squad and has since won numerous titles, including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the NXT Championship, and the Intercontinental Championship. The pace of Dolph Ziggler is not about to slow down.

Ziggler, who is 42 years old, is still a top performer and has no intention of slowing down any time soon. He recently appeared for an interview with Wills & Snyder. Ziggler revealed that he feels lucky to be in the business for 18 years. He also said that he isn’t planning to stop wrestling anytime soon.

It really depends. The healthiest people in the world, sometimes it doesn’t work. Some people have re-occurring injuries. I’ve been very lucky. Going on 18 years, no major surgeries. Any kind of surgery I got, it was from wrestling in college. I’ve been lucky. I don’t ever want to stop. One day I’ll have to, but it sure as hell won’t be now.

In a triple threat match on Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, Ziggler faced off against Chad Gable and Ciampa. After winning the match, Ciampa earned a chance to compete for the WWE United States Championship in a singles battle.


Ziggler is touted as one of the top in-ring workers in WWE, making sure to give it his all and make any opponent look good in the process. However, many fans have said over the years that Ziggler is underrated and has not been utilized to the best of his potential. Let’s see what’s in store for Ziggler in the future.

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