Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti made their relationship public early in January, just after Guevara called off his engagement to his previous fiancée, Pam Nizio. Early in June, when Guevara proposed to Conti in Paris, the couple became engaged. The pair is getting married soon, and now we’ve got a sneak peek into their wedding.

Conti and Guevara’s marriage is inevitable. The AEW pair is getting hitched sooner than later, and Conti has been giving fans hints about her and Guevara’s imminent wedding. Tay Conti recently took to Twitter to provide a sneak peek into her upcoming wedding.

Wedding sneak peek 🥰

The image that accompanied Conti’s tweet provided that “sneak peek,” giving readers a glimpse at the couple’s wedding’s cutlery, plates, and glasses. Everything in the set had the words “Mr. and Mrs. Guevara” on it, confirming that Guevara and Conti will wed later this month.


Guevara, unlike the vast majority of professional wrestlers, competes under his legal name. Conti omitted the precise day of the wedding. However, she had hinted in a tweet from last Saturday that it will happen soon, possibly within the coming week. Check out the tweets below.

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