Jack Evans recently left AEW after his contract expired. Jack said his hefty AEW salary made him complacent about his work, but that he appreciated the experience. Evans had just one major complaint about his time working for Tony Khan.

AEW Dark is the closest thing the company has to a developmental territory. Shows are taped at a studio in Orlando and generally feature up-and-coming talent and squash matches. Jack Evans thinks Tony Khan could be using his YouTube programming better.

Speaking with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Jack Evans described his vision for AEW Dark. He believes wrestlers should get more character work and angles on the show. That way, when they are out in front of larger crowds, they won’t be shell-shocked by the moment.

“Anything you can do to get someone’s character out there, I really think you should. The developmental talent, if you bring them up, and they’re going to be thrown on national television and have to cut these angles and promos, it’s a learning experience.


It’s not something most people can just instantly do, just go in front of 1,000 people and cut a promo like that. I always think that if you have angles on Dark, then people that you see yourself investing in in the future, you give them practice right then and there so they don’t have to have baptism by fire right on the main show. I always think you should have angles on Dark, not only just to make Dark a better show, but literally, practice, because doing an angle, there’s a whole bunch that goes into it.”

AEW currently has two YouTube shows, Dark and Elevation. Both could stand to have a little more character development, according to Jack Evans. Time will tell if Tony Khan takes him up on the advice.

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