Nick Wayne is considered one of professional wrestling’s true young prodigies. In February, Tony Khan signed the teenage sensation to an AEW contract. Nick must finish high school before going full-time with the company, but fans have been treated to some incredible matches on the independent scene all over the world.

While traveling in Europe with his mother for a brief tour, Nick Wayne had a very scary moment. During his flight back to Seattle, his plane was diverted to Iceland. There, the entire group of passengers on board was interrogated after somebody scrawled a bomb threat on the bathroom mirror.

Bryan Alvarez shared the story on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio. He noted that Nick Wayne’s mother was given extra attention by authorities because she had makeup on her at the time. The ordeal seems to have drug out for quite a while.

“Are you aware that Nick Wayne and his mother were on a flight back to Seattle yesterday and they were diverted to Iceland as a result of a bomb threat? There was, somebody apparently went into the bathroom and wrote either “bomb” or “explosion” on the mirror of the bathroom and they turned around, they landed in Iceland, they took everybody off the plane, they herded them into some secure area, and since the threat was made clearly by a passenger since it had been written on the mirror, they are basically, I don’t know if they have or are going to, have to interrogate every single person on the plane.


They’re searching everybody. I guess they’ve searched the entire plane and everything like that and apparently his mother was interrogated for quite a while because she had, like, an eyeliner or something of that nature and obviously it had been scrawled in eyeliner or makeup on the bathroom mirror, so she was in a panic and they’re still in Iceland as of 50 minutes ago and they’ve got no information on when they can go home, how they’re going to go home, what’s next. All in the dark. Essentially, everybody on the flight is being treated, I guess as if they are guilty and it’s a pretty harrowing situation.”

Fortunately, the plane was able to be safely diverted and land. There is no word that there was a bomb on board. Still, it was a very scary moment for everyone on board, including Nick Wayne and his mom.

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Michael Perry

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