Nick Wayne has been receiving a ton of buzz for his prodigal wrestling skills. The sixteen-year-old took the independent wrestling scene by storm and wrestling fans see nothing but a bright future for the young man. Wayne recently got a huge surprise from Darby Allin at a Defy event where he was offered contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Nick signed the contract and now he’s All Elite. Wayne had no idea that Allin was going to offer him a deal. Many AEW fans wondered exactly how the company would handle having a teenager under contract.

It turns out Tony Khan has come up with a special arrangement to make sure Nick Wayne keeps his priorities straight. Nick will have to finish high school and wait for his 18th birthday to go full-time with the company. Bryan Alvarez spoke about the nature of the deal on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Nick is now an AEW talent. and the story is that like four people knew. Among those four were not Nick Wayne, not me, not Nick Wayne’s mother of all people, who was there in tears. And they just got the thing arranged and presented him with the contract and they went backstage and he signed it.


I’m not sure the exact… They may call it an apprenticeship contract, I’m not sure exactly what it’s called. Essentially, what it is, he’s under contract, and he has to finish high school, he has to turn 18, and once that happens, he’ll become a full-fledged contracted AEW talent. But, he’s an AEW wrestler as of right now. It was an awesome moment…

I presume he’s going to continue to do whatever he’s doing, but I actually don’t know. I don’t know if they’re going to bring him in for Dark and Elevation. I don’t know what they’re going to do, but obviously he’s going to continue to work.”

It remains to be seen if Nick Wayne will be used by AEW before he turns 18. Fans will have to tune in to Dynamite and Rampage to see if he shows up. Nick is a sought-after young wrestler with an incredibly high ceiling. Tony Khan has plenty of time to work out the details.

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Michael Perry

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