WWE will be undergoing some changes after the retirement of long-time CEO and chairman Vince McMahon. There are sure to be some major shake-ups in the creative department and Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have been named co-CEOs of the company. Many fans have been wondering just how much Vince’s influence will still be seen on Raw and SmackDown.

Those who watched last night’s SmackDown already know that some minor changes have already occurred. The commentary for the show was much looser than normal. Vince McMahon is infamous for his rigid management of WWE’s announce teams.

WWE has a long list of phrases and words that have been banned by Vince McMahon over the years. Things like “hospital” and “non-title” rubbed McMahon the wrong way for whatever reason. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said he does not expect those linguistic quirks to continue now that Vince is gone.

“The weird verbiage will be gone. There’s nobody who’s going to insist on that. That was complete Vince. But, having said that, I shouldn’t say for sure, because Stephanie is Vince’s daughter.


Some of the verbiage and Stephanie is really big on buzz words and everything like that, so some it may stay, but the really weird quirky stuff, I do think that that will be gone.”

Vince McMahon’s use of quirky language has long been a complaint of WWE fans. While it doesn’t seem too important, those quirks going away would show McMahon’s diminishing influence over the product. Time will tell how much things will change, but even last night, it appears to have already begun.

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Michael Perry

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