Brock Lesnar was reportedly irate when he learned the news of Vince McMahon’s retirement from WWE. According to several sources, Lesnar left the arena in a rage upon finding out. When Brock showed up on the final segment of the show, many were wondering what exactly happened.

By most accounts, WWE immediately began reaching out to Brock Lesnar to try and get him to return. Eventually, those efforts convinced Lesnar to come back to the arena. Some have questioned how he could have been included in a booked segment on the show if he wasn’t there for a large part of it.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Brock Lesnar was back in plenty of time for changes to be made. Lesnar arrived back at the building about half an hour into the show. After being written out of the initial script, he was re-added for the final segment.

“It was definitely interesting. He was back. I know he was back in the building by 8:30, as far as the timeline. It wasn’t that he was hidden away or they wanted to do this big whatever… I don’t know if it came out before because I was gone during the live feed because I don’t get it here live.

But, the deal was that you know, it wasn’t like he came back, like the MJF thing where you’re doing the work and you show up at the last second and nobody knows you’re back. I mean, he was back at 8:30, so it wasn’t like it was supposed to be this guarded secret. I shouldn’t say ‘guarded secret,’ because it probably was supposed to be a secret. It wasn’t as if he didn’t come back until… He didn’t show up at 9:45 to go out there at like 9:50, put it that way.”

Brock Lesnar and WWE appear to have smoothed the situation over. Lesnar is scheduled to challenge Roman Reigns at SummerSlam in a last man standing match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Fortunately, it looks like he is going to show up.

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