Vince McMahon’s announcement that he was retiring has left the future of WWE’s creative team in question. A power vacuum now exists after one person ran the show for decades. Who will be in charge going forward is up in the air.

From a fan perspective, many are hoping that Triple H takes over where Vince McMahon left off. Due to his health issues, that may not be the best choice. Another option would be Bruce Prichard, Vince McMahon’s long-time right-hand man.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the immediate future of WWE’s creative. He said that with Vince McMahon being in charge for so long, the options are several unproven people. Bruce Prichard has always been considered somewhat of a yes man for McMahon rather than a visionary.

“As far as the ultimate creative vision, you know, we’re also talking about a bunch of unproven guys… Whoever’s in charge has never been the guy in the chair. If it ends up being Bruce [Prichard], I mean Bruce has been an assistant forever and all that. But, you know, Bruce’s greatest strength is the ability to figure out what Vince wants and produce what Vince wants.


That doesn’t mean that Bruce can produce what the fans want in 2022, although, you know, in fairness to Bruce, things are up. Which, you know, for a long time, they were not. But, they are now. So, there is something that’s clicking, whether it’s the audience has changed… I think that’s a lot of it, is actually that the audience is changed to where this is what they expect of wrestling and the people who are tired of it may have moved away, you know, from all pro wrestling, and now they have, you know, again, after a couple of years they have an audience… They’re starting to do better… When you push new people is always a good thing and they were kind of forced by a lot of ways.”

Triple H is expected to have at least some input in the creative process. He was recently appointed as EVP of talent relations, and his wife, Stephanie McMahon, is the co-CEO. Time will tell how the power dynamic in WWE creative will play out.

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Michael Perry

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