Harland was presented as the personal monster of Joe Gacy during his run in NXT 2.0. After WWE fired him, he reverted to his previous persona of Parker Boudreaux. Boudreaux showed up at the latest tapings for AEW’s YouTube show, Dark, and appears to already be in a new faction.

Ariya Daivari has formed a stable on Dark known as the “Trust Busters.” The gimmick is based on the idea that Daivari recently received his trust fund. Daivari has been repackaged as Ari Daivari and included Parker Boudreaux and Slim J as his first recruits.

It is an interesting trio of wrestlers who seemed unlikely to be associated with AEW not too long ago. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed possible plans for the new group. With the Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view coming up this weekend, the Trust Busters could be heading there.

 “Tony Khan had an idea for a trio called the ‘Trust Busters,’ and the idea is that Arya Daivari is now Ari Daivari, after Ari Emanuel, owner of UFC and, of course, super agent and everything, big-time celebrity and the idea is that on July the 4th, I believe, his trust came in and now he is rich… The first thing he did, I know the first if I was super, super rich and came into money, the first thing I would do is recruit Slim J.

So, anyway, he brought in Slim J, you know, who’s a good wrestler, he’s been around for a long, long time, never really gotten a shot anywhere. But anyway, he was brought in, and then the third member of the group that was brought in is Parker Boudreaux, who was Harland in WWE, who was obviously recently fired.

So, they debuted on the Dark tapings, which was yesterday and I know Tony Khan was very excited about it, so there’s that. No decision has been made whether it would be for Ring of Honor or AEW. I mean, there’s so many acts in AEW. Ring of Honor, not as many acts, obviously, and Ring of Honor’s got five matches on the pay-per-view which is a week away, so they probably need to add, maybe, to get to a three-hour show and a one-hour preshow, which I think is what they’re doing, they probably need to add several matches and several more people. You got Brian Cage, you got Gates of [Agony], Toa Liona and Kuan, and I don’t know who else really as far as who’s going to be there.”

Tony Khan is excited about the latest stable in AEW. Time will tell if they wind up on Dynamite and Rampage or end up being affiliated with Ring of Honor. With an already bloated main roster, ROH may be the perfect landing spot for the Trust Busters.

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