Paul Heyman has been a huge advocate for Roman Reigns being one of the greatest in the world of WWE. While he held the same role for Brock Lesnar, fate has put them against each other. However, Heyman doesn’t have any pity for him, as he wants Roman Reigns to be a Brock-Lesnar-killing machine.

Brock Lesnar talked about Roman Reigns on the July 11th edition of RAW. He referred to Roman Reigns as a hog. He said his fate is to be slaughtered like a hog, as The Beast Incarnate slaughters hogs on his farm.

Paul Heyman suddenly appeared to interrupt him. While he admitted that Lesnar might as well be the betting favorite, he will do anything in his power to keep Reigns the champion with his titles. That includes training Reigns to “stick his hand up [Lesnar’s] ass and rip [Lesnar’s] heart out.

Theory also chimed in and reminded everyone about cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase at WWE SummerSlam. Lesnar got attacked afterward by the Alpha Academy, but obviously, he attacked them back and even put Otis through the announce table.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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