Mick Foley is one of the biggest legends of WWE. The WWE Hall of Famer has once again signed a deal with WWE, though it’s not a typical contract. Foley signed a ‘legends‘ deal with the company.

The WWE Hall of Famer took to Twitter to announce the deal. He also explained why his t-shirts are also leaving Pro Wrestling Tees, something that he had to specifically address because of the fans.

The Hardcore Legend explained in the video that his contract with WWE gives them the right to merchandise his tees. However, he still appreciated Pro Wrestling Tees for the long relationship he’s had with them.

Hello everyone, it’s The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley and I just want to explain why my merchandise will not be available through Pro Wrestling Tees after July 31. There is no heat or friction I still have a great relationship with Pro Wrestling Tees. It just comes down to signing a new legends agreement with WWE that does give them the exclusive on T shirts. In the meantime, the Socko Sale’s still taking place in November, the four cheeses of Foley pizza’s still available through Powerbomb Pizza. Please feel free to order as many shirts as you like through July 31. I love seeing them at appearances .I’m really grateful for the relationship that I’ve had and continue to have with Pro Wrestling Tees and I appreciate all of you who understand, I understand that some of you won’t understand, and that’s okay too. In the meantime, hope all as well and have a nice day.


Mick Foley has been appearing for many indie companies throughout the company. With Foley on a WWE Legends contract, it seems he’ll be spending the majority of his time with them. His PWT store is only open until July 31st, so visit it by clicking here.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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