Brock Lesnar is the most successful wrestler in the history of the sport. In the world’s largest professional wrestling company, he is one of the highest-paid wrestlers. Paul Heyman also played an important part in Lesnar’s career.

Heyman is one of the key figures who helped pro wrestling get international recognition. He was also well-known for representing Lesnar for nearly two decades. Paul Heyman recently told how he became Lesnar’s advocate in an interview with Inside The Ropes.

As a result, he was well aware of his abilities and what he could offer the WWE universe. In talking about how he teamed up with Brock Lesnar, he stated that he was originally supposed to be Chris Benoit’s manager, not Lesnar’s. He approached Mr. McMahon two or three weeks before WrestleMania and expressed his desire to produce Brock Lesnar’s matches. In addition, Vince McMahon gave him permission to continue.

I knew this was the next big thing. There was nobody like Brock Lesnar. And so I said, sure I would be happy working with Brock Lesnar.


Paul Heyman’s collaboration with Brock Lesnar was undoubtedly one of the cruelest. Together, they’ve given the WWE universe a slew of spectacular moments. Lesnar proved Heyman by becoming WWE’s Next Big Thing, capturing four WWE Championships, three Universal Championships, and establishing himself as one of the company’s most popular performers.

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