The Undertaker became one of the most legendary figures in professional wrestling after his consistent commitment to his iconic in-ring characters. He also sacrificed his body in the ring for three decades to entertain fans. That dedication came from somewhere.

The Phenom retired from the industry in 2020 and has also made it clear that he has no aspirations to wrestle again. Being in the ring for so long, The Undertaker has a flawless work ethic. He talked about who inspired him to work this hard in Season 2 Episode 1 of Biography: WWE Legends.

“My dad, a hard worker, I think he instilled that work ethic in me. During the day he would do plumbing jobs, roofing jobs, whatever to put, you know, food on the table for us. Then he would work all night in the press room of the Houston Post newspaper. From an early age, it was always about respect and hard work and your name and your word. Those things were instilled in me at a really early age.”

Elsewhere in the video, The Undertaker also reminisced about his childhood with his mother. The episode will air on July 10 on A&E.


The Undertaker was inducted into this year’s class of the WWE Hall of Fame. His speech at the event attracted some criticism from fans. The Undertaker mentioned multiple stars that he faced in the ring before in major matches. Some of them became highlight moments of his career. However, he skipped Mick Foley in his speech and this caused a stir among fans.

Undertaker later apologized for omitting Foley. Foley himself wasn’t bothered about the whole thing and said that if he isn’t hurt about it, then nobody else should be hurt on his behalf.

During the closing moments of that same speech at the WWE Hall of Fame, The Deadman said “never say never” which led many to believe that there’s a chance we could see him back in the ring. Unfortunately, as mentioned, he has no intentions of making an in-ring return.

Rayan Sayyed

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