Last night, the fans in Detroit, Michigan were treated to a wild night of action. AEW held their Blood & Guts edition of Dynamite at the Little Caesar’s Arena. With Rampage taping after a very eventful show, some fans didn’t stick around for the whole thing.

After the brutal double cage, double ring main event on Dynamite, many decided to head home early. Rampage tapings can often push close to midnight, and as they take place during the work week, it’s simply too much for many. Last night was no exception.

Dave Meltzer reported on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that fans were leaving in droves during the main event. While The Young Bucks and the Royal Rampage battle royal got good reactions, the last match between Nyla Rose and Toni Storm couldn’t keep a lot of people’s attention.

“A lot of people left – a lot, a lot of people left during the Nyla Rose/Toni Storm match. And I heard the Bucks match with Yoshi-Hashi and Hirooki Goto, they had a hard time getting the crowd but because they had such a good match they did get the crowd. The (Royal Rampage) Battle Royal, I heard the crowd was very into though.”


Fans who have attended Dynamite live know how exhausting it can be. AEW tapes Dark Elevation before going live at 8 PM. Then, there is a break after Dynamite as the crew sets up for Rampage.

It will likely continue to be a problem as long as Rampage is taped after Dynamite. AEW could be asking too much of their fans for a Wednesday evening. It will be interesting to see how noticeable the mass exodus was during this week’s Rampage main event.

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Michael Perry

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