Jeff Hardy made headlines recently after being arrested for driving while inebriated after leaving a local Dave & Busters. Much of the responsibility was placed on him, but some of it was also placed on Matt Hardy, who was present at the event with his brother before his arrest. Matt recently discussed about the roots of his brother’s issues.

Matt Hardy discussed addiction and mental health on this week’s “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast. He also opened up about his current issues with his brother Jeff Hardy. It all started from the time when their mother passed away.

I feel like some of Jeff’s issues probably come from our mother dying when he was so, so young. That was always an issue that he carried with him deeply. I know 100%, the biggest thing that drives me to stay healthy and not have an addiction issue at all, because I’m sure I have an addictive personality, but the thing that keeps me running and stronger than anything else is my family, my children, specifically. I mean, my wife as well. She would whip my ass as everyone knows. Any kind of chemical addiction that I might have, or would have, all that has been traded in for the addiction of my children. That is a real thing that I love. I think about them growing up and I want to cry. There’s a finite amount of time that I’m going to be able to spend with them so I try to maximize and I want to optimize each and every moment I have with them.

My job is to raise these young human beings, three boys and a girl, and shape them and forge them into good productive people that are going to contribute to society. They’re gonna make the world a better place. I mean, I know that’s what my mom wanted for myself and my brother and we were on the right path for the first quarter century of our life for sure.


Once we got into wrestling back in the day, there were times where stuff was kind of thrown on us and we were still really good. We were resilient about things as far as being out of control until we split. That was the first time there were ever really any chemical dependency issues. That’s when Jeff was away from me. He was on the RAW show and he was traveling with two guys who were pretty well known for using recreational drugs at that time. That is when Jeff first got bad and he ended up being released in 2003.

Matt also mentioned the ladder match he and Jeff were going to have on AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday. He expressed his gratitude to the fans for their support of him and Jeff. Matt Hardy also stated that he will do whatever he can to assist Jeff.

Jeff Hardy is in desperate need of assistance right now. It’s comforting to know that his family will support him. Matt is willing to go to any length to ensure Jeff’s safety.

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