Veer Mahaan finally made his debut on RAW the night after WrestleMania 38. He made statement as soon as he showed up on the red brand as he single-handedly took out the Mysterios, Rey and Dominik. Veer recently stepped up for a young fan after nobody showed up to his birthday party.

‘Jessica won’t stop believin’ recently took to Twitter to express her sorrow over the fact that no one showed up to her son’s 6th birthday party. In a now deleted tweet, Jessica asked how she could make it right. Veer valiantly chimed in and replied that he would win his Monday Night RAW match for the little one.

Veer greeted the Landons in his tweet and left a sweet birthday message for little Landon. He even promised to win his upcoming match. Veer Mahaan even warned the young boy by saying that the match is going to be scary, so he might better avoid watching it.

Hey Landon!!!
Namaste! 🙏🏾


I want you to know that when I get into the ring on
#RAW on Monday night, I’m gonna try to win one for you.

You might not want to watch though. Might be a bit scary. I can be a mean dude. 😨 🦁 👊🏾

Have a great birthday, little bro.


In another now-deleted follow-up tweet, Jessica expressed her happiness over the heartwarming wishes. She wrote: “Thank you everyone for your kindness! I truly thought I was shouting into the void— (which is how I usually use twitter) 1)Yes I had RSVPs and no one responded. 2) We are new (6 mos) to the state so he doesn’t have close friends I could invite to try to keep it small.” Let’s see if Veer is able to keep his promise, but he sure has a lot of heart to go around.

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