Bray Wyatt was released from WWE and that left fans with a lot of questions. July 31st will mark one year since Wyatt was let go, but he hasn’t appeared for another company yet. While he is apparently teasing something on social media, nothing has transpired on television. Now new information is out about why he was released and just how his dominate character was perceived.

A report came out recently which said many in WWE saw Wyatt’s character as buying talent. He did babyfaces no favors by working with him and he stopped a few notable good guy pushes just by mixing it up with The Fiend, Seth Rollins and The Miz especially.

Ringside News asked around about this situation and we were told that this is a shared belief backstage in WWE. We were told that internally, “most everyone here agrees with the thought his character killed everyone he worked with.”

We were told that “he killed babyface Rollins and babyface Miz and there are analytics that document this.” A tenured member of the creative team also explained to us that Bray Wyatt saw himself as a new Undertaker, but there were dramatically different results after working with the Eater of Worlds.

He killed babyface Rollins and babyface Miz and there are analytics that document this. Plus, the push went to his head and he thought he was modern day Undertaker. Except once Taker got on top, he started making any other top star he worked with. Bray doesn’t know how to do that and the gimmick doesn’t lend to it.

In the end, Bray Wyatt was not fired because of his gimmick or any other backstage behavioral reason. It was explained to us that Wyatt was released because, “he had a health issue that was being addressed, still getting 4 million a year while off, and was uncommunicative and uncooperative with WWE regarding the way his health issue was being addressed by doctors.”

Yes, Bray Wyatt’s character “killed everyone he worked with,” but that was not the reason why he was let go. We can only hope he is using this time to get his mind and body in the best place possible. We are also incredibly interested to see what Windham Rotunda does next, especially after he changed his name on Twitter to Wyatt6.

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