Bray Wyatt was one of WWE’s most popular superstars before he was shockingly fired last Summer. As ‘The Fiend,’ Wyatt was one of the very few supernatural characters to get over with fans. Despite his popularity, there was a feeling within WWE that Wyatt was doing more harm than good.

Dave Meltzer discussed the circumstances for Bray Wyatt’s release on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. It was noted that Bray sold a ton of merchandise and fans loved him. Unfortunately, some inside the company felt he was doing major damage to the other characters they were trying to build.

“You can make the argument for Bray Wyatt becoming a big star and he was absolutely a huge merchandise seller, but you can also make the argument that he was not a success and I know people there who have made the argument that, ‘Oh, he’s one of the most over guys, he sold a lot of merchandise.’ He was fired for reasons having nothing to do with being over or not over. He was not fired having to do with his gimmick.

He was fired having to do with things that I probably shouldn’t talk about, so I’m not going to, to start a can of worms. But it’s got nothing to do with that. He had health issues, also, as far as being kept out of action and everything like that.


So it was just one of those things, but the argument against him was that you know, with the exception of Daniel Bryan, pretty much everybody he worked with got destroyed by him and was left for sh*t and had to rebuild and had to turn heel. I mean, granted, Miz turning heel was probably going to happen anyway because he wasn’t that great of a babyface, and Seth turning heel, because they absolutely destroyed him as a babyface, that’s absolutely due to the Bray Wyatt thing and the booking of the Bray Wyatt thing. So, there was the argument that he was more harm than good, other than the fact that he sold a lot of merchandise.”

Bray Wyatt has been sharing cryptic messages about a possible comeback on social media lately. There have been rumors that his asking price is extremely high. Time will tell if he ultimately works things out with WWE or decides to go elsewhere.

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Michael Perry

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