Alexa Bliss has been working in WWE for several years now and has been part of numerous feuds over the years. She has seen several character changes, including her darkest character. She also revealed how the Lilly Doll was created.

For well over a year, Alexa Bliss went to the dark side, as her dark character possessed supernatural powers, among other things. She also featured a creepy doll named Lilly.

While speaking with WWE Deutschland, Alexa Bliss talked about the creation of the Lilly doll. Bliss explained that Jason Baker and his wife were behind bringing the doll to life.

“I had texted Jason and I was saying, ‘I really want a doll to interact with’ and he was like, ‘A doll?’ I said, ‘Yeah. I want a doll’ and I was like, ‘I want it to look like someone scribbled her, like a child scribbled her on a piece of paper. She just popped off the page.’ I was like, ‘Button eyes, 3D teeth, want it to kind of look like me but scary’ and they came up with — they showed me Lilly and it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.”

Bliss also wanted her own entrance music for a good reason. It remains to be seen what WWE has planned for the Five Feet of Fury next. Fans just want to see her win a title again in the end.

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