Bray Wyatt was considered a creative genius by many fans throughout his run in WWE. That is why his release from the company last year shocked so many people. His Fiend gimmick was loved by many, but it was recently criticized for being fake “mumbo-jumbo.”

Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character truly showcased his creative genius, as fans couldn’t believe something like that was possible in WWE. Unfortunately, The Fiend never got the booking he deserved, with matches against Seth Rollins and Goldberg further ruining his character.

While speaking on his Drive-Thru podcast, Jim Cornette was asked about The Fiend’s character. Jim Cornette minced no words, as he blasted the gimmick for being fake horror movie nonsense.

“People want to know where Bray Wyatt is. I have no idea why. I have no idea why anybody is interested in The Fiend after the Firefly Funhouse and the crispy critter from Canyon Creek got burned alive, and all that hocus-pocus science fiction, horror movie mumbo jumbo. The most insulting, rotten, embarrassing, fake, phoney, bad bullsh*t I have ever seen in my many years of pro wrestling – and they still want to know, ‘Where is he and when’s he coming back?’ If he wants to retire, I’m all in favor of it. I might have liked the guy but when I saw The Fiend, nah.”


Bray Wyatt wanted very high price to join AEW. Bray Wyatt’s father previously stated that he is far from done with pro wrestling. It remains to be seen where Wyatt will end up next, as fans are still waiting for his pro wrestling return.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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