Ezekiel made his big debut during the RAW after WrestleMania 38. He made it very clear that he is not Elias, but Kevin Owens still doesn’t believe that they are only brothers. This resulted in singles match at Hell in a Cell that Zeke lost, but there is stil hope for a tag team down the line.

Since joining the WWE main roster in 2017, Elias has had minimal success, winning only a couple 24/7 titles. The original Elias persona was killed off by WWE last summer with a series of vignettes culminating in a tombstone reading “Elias: 2017-2021.”

During an interview with NBA Sports Boston, Ezekiel commented on winning tag gold with his brother later on at some point. This might seem like wishful thinking, but Zeke isn’t giving up the dream.

“Me and [Elias], tag team champions, I can’t imagine anything better than that. Me and Elias, we’ve not talked now for quite a few weeks. I’d love to know where he is. I’d love to have him come out to Monday Night Raw and let’s just get into it. Let’s just be the tag team we always dreamed of.”


Given Elias’ current role as Ezekiel, capturing the Tag Team Championships may be a difficult thing for WWE to do. Since Ezekiel’s debut on WWE TV, Kevin Owens has been on mission to prove that he is Elias.

Ezekiel also explained during the interview why he thinks Owens is so adamant about proving that he is actually Elias. “I haven’t had the chance to have a sit-down chat with Kevin [Owens]. Perhaps he just misses my older brother the same way I miss my older brother and maybe we can connect on that,” he explained.

Owens and Ezekiel had their first match on June 5th, where Ezekiel lost to Owens in under ten minutes after hitting him with a Stunner. We’ll have to see what’s in store for those two (or three) people after Hell in a Cell.

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