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SmackDown tonight will feature the return of Madcap Moss after Baron Corbin’s vicious assault on him. Moss has taken to Twitter to promise Corbin that he will see an all new side of him. It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown begins live with The New Day making their way out to the ring. Woods makes reference to “The Brawling Brutes” and Kingston laughs at the name and then introduces their partner last week, Drew McIntyre, and the Scottish warrior makes his way down to the ring.

McIntyre gives a shout out to Big E and leads the crowd in chanting his name in support. Kingston then presents McIntyre with a gift, McIntyre opens the gift box to reveal a special kilt with “Big D” written on it.

The Brawling Brutes make their way out to interrupt. Shemaus begins to cut a promo on the New Day and Butch runs ahead to the ring and tries to fight all three at once by himself.

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The New Day & Drew McIntyre vs The Brawling Brutes

SmackDown returns with this six man tag match already underway. Butch makes a blind tag and Woods counters Butch with a neck breaker and tags Kingston in. Kingston hits a standing splash and covers for a one count. Woods tags back in who hits a running senton. Holland tags in and hits a big shoulder tackle. Kingston tags in as does Sheamus. Kingston hits a cross body and covers for two. Kingston hits the Boom Drop and then Kingston and Woods hit a double dive to Sheamus and Holland outside the ring.

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The match continues live with Sheamus having Kingston with a chin lock on the mat. Sheamus goes to the top rope and hits a flying knee drop and covers for two. Kingston hits a meteora and gets the hot tag to McIntyre as Holland tags in. McIntyre hits a belly to belly throw and a neck breaker followed by a kip up. McIntyre hits Sheamus with a hip toss and Butch tags in. Woods tags in and gets a roll up on Butch for a two count. Butch hits the bitter end and covers for three.

Winners: The Brawling Brutes

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Humberto vs Jinder Mahal

The match begins with Humberto driving Mahal to the corner. Mahal reverses an Irish Whip and hits Humberto with a back drop. Mahal hits a big boot and before he can capitalized, Mahal is distracted by Shanky dancing outside. off a referee distraction, Mahal gets a roll up for the three count.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Raquel Rodriguez vs Shotzi vs Aliyah vs Shayna Baszler vs Natalya vs Xia Li

Before the match gets underway, as Aliyah is set to make her enterance, we cut to backstage where Aliyah is shown to be locked in the locker room, presumably by Shotzi.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns and our six pack challenge match officially begins with Aliyah running in the ring and attacking Shotzi. The fight goes to the outside and Baszler and Natalya team up to throw Aliyah to the barricade. Baszler locks Rodriguez in the Kirafuda clutch but Rodriguez rolls outside the ring to break the hold. Li avoids Natalya’s sharpshooter and hits a snap suplex. Shotzi hits a DDT to Baszler and Nataly hits Li with a lariat. Rodriguez is rolled up by Natalya for a two count. Rodriguez suplexes Shotzi on to Natalya and plants Shotzi with a powerbomb. Baszler locks Rodriguez in the Kirafuda clutch and Natalya covers Shotzi for the three count.

Winner: Natalya

Backstage we see an ambulance drive into the parking lot. Emerging from the back of the ambulance is an angry looking Madcap Moss in different ring gear as his return is promoted for after the break.

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SmackDown returns with Madcap Moss making his way out to the ring. Moss says that the man Corbin thought he knew as Madcap Moss was gone. Moss says that every single night as he recovered he dreamed of hitting Corbin in the face harder and harder. Moss calls out Corbin and Corbin does make his way out. Corbin says Moss is not there to fight, but he’s there because he is going to beg Corbin for his job back. Adam Pearce comes out to announce that Corbin and Moss will now have a match tonight.

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Madcap Moss vs Happy Corbin

The match begins and Corbin immediately leaves the ring. Corbin gets back in and takes a cheap shot as the referee stands between them. Moss goes on the offensive and throws Corbin over the top rope and then into the barricade. Corbin grabs a chair but Moss rips it away from Corbin and Moss hits COrbin with the chair to cause the DQ.

Winner by Disqualification: Happy Corbin

After the match is officially over, Moss hits Corbin repeatedly with the chair and then Moss throws the steel stairs in the ring. moss wraps the chair on Corbin’s neck but before Moss can use the stairs, WWE officials run in to stop Moss and save Corbin.

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Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos vs Riddle & Shinsuke Nakamura

Our tag team championship match begins with Nakamura hitting a running knee to Jey. Nakamura drives Jey to the corner and tags in Riddle. Riddle hits a fishermen’s suplex and covers for two. Jimmy makes the blind tag and The Usos hit a double power slam.Nakamura and Jey are both tagged in and Nakamura hits multiple kicks to the chest. Riddle tags back in and goes to the top rope but Jimmy trips him up sending Riddle crashing to the mat. The usos hit a double super kick and Nakamura is able to break up the cover at two. Nakamura goes for the kinshasa outside but Jey dodges causing Nakamura to crash into the steel stairs. The referee checks on Nakamura outside and signals for medical personal to come and carry him backstage.

*Commercial break*

Our main event continues live with Riddle trying to fight off both Usos by himself. Jey is tagged in and The Usos hit a double Irish Whip causing Riddle to hit the turnbuckle hard. Riddle hits a flying knee and Jimmy tags in. Riddle hits a fishermen’s suplex to Jimmy and then one to Jey. Riddle goes for the Orton DDT but Jey saves Jimmy. Riddle hits a corkscrew moonsault to the outside and throws Jimmy back in the ring. Riddle hits the Orton DDT and Jimmy avoids the RKO and hits a pop up Samoan drop and Jimmy covers for a two count. Jimmy goes up top but Riddle jumps up top. Jey makes the blind tag as Riddle is distracted by Reigns’ music playing. Jey hits the splash and covers for three.

Winners: The Usos

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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