Ryback’s reputation is rapidly worsening, and it is unlikely to recover any time soon if he continues to tweet. People are tired up with his constant whining and complaining about everything WWE, and he appears to be surrounded by trolls. Twitter also recently blocked Ryback from having ‘super followers.’

Ryback recently took to Twitter to reveal that he requested to have ‘super followers,’ a new subscription feature that the platform is still testing out. The Big Guy’s request was rejected and Twitter did not allow him to have it. Ryback tagged Elon Musk and said that he is being wrongfully restricted for 8 years.

Requested that when they first allowed it and they will not allow me to have it.

@paraga @elonmusk I’m sure because I’m being wrongfully restricted for 8 years now. 20 cases btw they have closed and won’t help me.


Ryback has recently been the target of a lot of criticism from the wrestling community. It all started when he attacked Vince McMahon’s mother, who had passed away. It will take a lot for The Big Guy to recover from his tarnished image.

The former IC Champion went so far as to accuse the firm of stifling previous brilliance, not just him. He’s made it his life’s work to criticize WWE and Vince McMahon. Take a look at his most recent tweet below.

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