Jade Cargill’s prosperity continues to elevate her to new levels. She’s a member of the Baddies Stable and is the current and first AEW TBS Champion. Cargill defeated Anna Jay at Double or Nothing to retain her TBS Championship, thanks to a bit of interference from Stokely Hathaway, who made his AEW debut at the event. Cargill would go on to praise Hathaway during the post-show media scrum.

During the post-show media frenzy, Tony Khan and Cargill spoke positively about Hathaway’s role in AEW, and the abilities that he possesses. Both love his mic skills and in-ring abilities as Cargill made that clear.

“He’s the best talker in the game. Who wouldn’t want anything less than that, somebody to represent a superstar that is about to come forth in front of all your eyes. Tony Khan made the best decision he could ever make in this situation.”

Tony claimed that until Double or Nothing, he had never spoken to Hathaway in any capacity. Tony Khan thought signing Hathaway would be beneficial after his WWE no-compete clause expired. Tony was more inclined to sign Hathaway to a contract because of his Ring of Honor star power.

 “I was in a very unique position. It was pretty unusual. Stokely’s 90 days expired yesterday. I had never met him or spoke to him until today, because I do things the right way, with honor. It just so happened that his 90 days expired and I had this idea. We were lucky. There is a lot of independent wrestling and stuff going on, I guess he’s been around Vegas. I had never met him until day, I swear on my life, never had a conversation with him. I’ve had him in mind since 2018, actually.

Today, I told him, ‘I want you to be Stokely Hathaway. I’m the owner of Ring of Honor, you have a great history with Ring of Honor.’ Not only did I explain that I want to pair him with the world’s greatest network champion, the top undefeated pro wrestler, two years in, with a sparkling record and add to the presentation that has already come so far and so fast. Like Jade said, he’s a great talker, and I literally never met him or spoken to him until today, which is pretty cool that it worked out.

Stokely Hathaway is AEW’s newest addition. The Harlem native possesses the mic skills, leadership, and immense charisma that’ll delight both his fellow wrestlers and fans. Only time can dictate his future with AEW.

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