AEW strives to be an alternative to the product that WWE has been putting out for decades. The company has carved its own path in the pro wrestling industry, as fans are simply happy AEW is a thing. Tony Khan also believes AEW’s fanbase gives them an advantage.

One of the best aspects of AEW for many fans is that it does not treat its audience like they are idiots. In fact, the company caters to the more hardcore pro wrestling fanbase.

While speaking to Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, AEW President Tony Khan talked about AEW’s growth so far. Khan stated that he believes the company’s hardcore fanbase gives them an advantage.

“I think another great thing about the hardcore fan is the word of mouth. From when I started in high school, wrestling was not cool when I first got into high school as a function of what was happening with the world of wrestling. And before it had a chance to get really hot as a business, I made a few fans right off the bat as a virus spreading fan, just by being a hardcore, that would rope other people into watching wrestling with me.”


“And if you get some social people, what you can get is really good word of mouth, just like in the film industry and with TV shows, in which we are a TV show. So I think you can grow your TV show by having a big hardcore base that you service and support, but also by trying to spread the word and trying to not only spread the word of yourself and get out and engage with fans, but hopefully have the fans engaging with other fans.

And I think in general, all the fans are important, but you have to remember, again, you know, everybody has a beginning. So you want to make fans from the beginning and then hopefully try to make them into hardcore fans. I mean, the more hardcore fan somebody is, that’s good, right?”

Tony Khan also believes AEW is legit competitor to WWE, unlike other companies. The company has a lot of things planned for the next month or so. We’ll have to see whether AEW will continue to grow in the coming months or not.

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