AEW strives to be an alternative to the product that WWE has been putting out for decades. The company has certainly made its mark in the pro wrestling industry, as many fans are simply glad that something like AEW exists. Tony Khan also bragged about AEW, which has become the norm by now.

The pro wrestling world is more competitive than ever thanks to AEW’s massive success in the past year or so. The company continues to turn heads at every opportunity thanks to its various events.

While speaking with Forbes, AEW President Tonky Khan talked about the differences between AEW and other pro wrestling companies. Khan bragged that AEW is a legit competitor unlike other promotions.

“The reason that no other wrestling company in the last few decades has had the foothold we’ve had is, in my opinion, two-fold. And it’s kind of a chicken-or-the-egg thing. We’ve had the great exposure with the big TV contract that gives us great legitimacy and also gives us great penetration, so it’s a very easy show to find, and it feels like a big event every Wednesday. Because we have this partnership with TNT and Warner Media and went with such a powerful media partner, it makes us feel more legitimate.


Which brings me to my other point — none of the other wrestling companies that have come along in the last 20 years actually felt like a legitimate competitor, a real thing. They felt like fun, niche, wrestling products, and if you’re a big wrestling fan, they’re things that you might watch but they’re not going to take households by storm. They weren’t things that were going to win the night on TV. They might, on their night, get some wrestling fans to watch their show, but there hasn’t been anything in wrestling that’s come along in two decades that would be competitive in terms of a second national wrestling company. Where it could stand to be the number one show on cable in its night or even a top-five show. There’s nothing that’s been like that.”

AEW is currently busy for the next month or so, as they have Double Or Nothing this month and then the Forbidden Door crossover even with NJPW. We will have to wait and see whether AEW will grow more and become better competition for WWE. There are many who believe that will never be the case as WWE is simply too big right now.

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