Excalibur is voice on AEW commentary calling matches every week, but he also has a history as a competitor. Now an old clip is coming to light and it is causing yet another controversy for him.

17 years ago Excalibur took on a very controversial character in PWG. He played a disabled gimmick for a bit and really played up a mental handicap complete with mannerisms. All these years later that clip has re-surfaced and people are shocked.

That clip from 2005 has resurfaced and gone viral. Now plenty of fans are wondering if AEW will do something about their announcer. After all, this isn’t the first time a terrible gimmick from his past resurfaced.

An old clip Excalibur using the N-word at show started making the rounds two years ago and the masked announcer missed several weeks of AEW television after that. Tony Khan later stated that leaving television was Excalibur’s choice.


We will have to see if AEW comments on this clip or Excalibur takes another short leave of absence. The fact is that this gimmick did not age well at all. You can check it out below, but please be warned it is incredible offensive.

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