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Tonight’s SmackDown will take place from the city of Grand Rapids in the beautiful state of Michigan, where tonight we will see the much-anticipated tag team title unification match as RK-Bro take on The Usos to see which team will be crowned the true tag team champions.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown starts off with the Bloodline making their way out to the ring. Reigns tells Grand Rapids to acknowledge him to which the western Michiganders happily oblige. Reigns says that tonight, you’re also acknowledging The Usos.

Reigns hands the mic to Heyman who calls this the single biggest night in the history of tag team wrestling. Heyman says that every day of his life Reigns defends his position as the greatest of all time and for The Usos to be the greatest tag team of all time and will do something no team has ever done before and unified the Raw and SmackDown tag team championships. Heyman says it’s not enough to be the cousins of the Tribal Chief, and that they either come home champions or never return to the island of relevancy. Reigns takes back the mic and says that he expects The Usos to deliver and Reigns hugs The Usos in the middle of the ring.

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Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn

Our opening match begins with a lock up that Zayn turns into a side headlock. Zayn hits a shoulder tackle and covers for two. Nakamura locks in a side headlock and then a shoulder tackle of his own. Nakamura hist an enziguri and the stomps on Zayn in the corner. Nakamura hits a knee drop and covers for two. Zayn slams Nakamura to the mat by his hair and hits a series of right hands on the mat. Zayn climbs to the top rope but Nakamura runs up and goes for a superplex, Zayn fights free and stomps Nakamura back down to the mat but Nakamura gets rgight back up and knocks Zayn down. Zayn dodges the Kinshasa and throws Nakamura over the top rope to the outside.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Zayn having Nakamura in a chin lock. Nakamura powers to his feet and hits a drop kick. Nakamura hits the sliding German suplex and goes to the top rope and hits a flying knee to the back of the head. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa but zayn rolls out of the ring. Nakamura chases and Zayn catches him with a Michinoku driver. Nakamura gets back in the ring at the count of 9 as Zayn is in disbelief. Zayn kicks Nakamura back outside and Nakamura slams Zayn to the ring post. Zayn runs back in the ring at a count of 9 and is immediately hit with a Kinshasa and covered for the three count.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

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SmackDown returns with Happy Corbin in the ring for another episode of Happy Talk. Corbin stands beside the Andre the Giant trophy and says this is the happiest that he’s ever been. Corbin says he eliminated Madcap Moss and took the trophy as a souvenir, and he will put it next to the same trophy he already won. Corbin says he was fined greatly for his attack on Moss last week. Corbin says you can’t put a price on art, and his assault on Moss was a priceless work of art. Corbin says Moss had it good being Corbin’s protege, but he wanted to escape his shadow and rise to the top of WWE, but he never appreciated every great thing Corbin did for him. Corbin leaves the ring and destroys the Andre the Giant trophy over the steel stairs to huge heat from the live crowd.

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Gunther vs Drew Gulak

SmackDown returns with the match already underway. Gulak avoids a chop in the corner and hits a chop of his own, and Gunther responds by hitting a chop to send Gulak halfway across the ring. Gunther hits a powerbomb and covers for the three count.

Winner: Gunther

After the match Gunther places Gulak in a Boston Crab. Intercontinental Champion Ricochet runs out to make the save, and instead of throwing him from Grand Rapids to Lansing, Gunther leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Backstage Adam Pearce is met by “Max Dupri” (LA Knight) who introduces himself to Pearce says that he represents the top agency in sports entertainment.

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Raquel Rodriguez vs Shotzi

The match begins with Rodriguez slamming Shotzi to the corner. Rodriguez hits a shoulder tackle. Rodriguez charges to the ropes but Shotzi counters with a kick. Shotzi locks in a sleeper hold but Rodriguez slams Shotzi to the corner to break the hold. Shotzi goes for a huricanrana but is caught and hit with a fall away slam. Rodriguez hits a corkscrew splash from the middle rope and hits a one-armed powerbomb and the covers for three.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

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Xavier Woods vs Butch

The match begins with Woods hitting a forearm strike to the face to knock Butch out of the ring. Woods hits a drop kick to the outside and throws Butch back in the ring. As Woods enters the ring Butch stomps on his hand to gain the momentum. Woods goes for a roll up but Butch counters and locks in a wrist lock and then stomps to Woods’ rib cage. Woods hits a lariat out of the corner and covers for a two count. Woods surprises with an inside cradle to get the three count.

Winner: Xavier Woods

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Winner-Take-All Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos vs RK-Bro

Our main event championship unification match begins with Riddle going for a take down on Jimmy Uso. Riddle tags in Orton who hits a stomp to Jimmy’s hand and tags Riddle back in. Jimmy reverses and Irish Whip to send Riddle crashing into the corner. Jimmy locks in a chin lock, Riddle powers up to his feet but Jimmy slams him right back down. A ringside doctor enters the ring as the referee separates Jimmy from Riddle as Riddle appears to be injured on the mat as SmackDown cuts to commercial.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns live with The Usos hitting a double power slam to Riddle. Michael Cole on commentary reveals that Riddle suffered a bruised hip off the earlier Irish Whip. Jey Uso stomps on the newly bruised hip and Jey tags Jimmy in who also stomps on the bruised hip of Riddle. Jimmy Uso hits a back suplex to prevent Orton from being tagged in and Jimmy then tags in Jey. Riddle avoids a lariat and hits a knee strike and makes the hot tag to Orton who hits Jimmy and then Jey with scoop slams. Orton hits the draping DDT and hits the RKO and covers but Jey Uso runs in to break the count at two.

Riddle tags in and hits a super kick. Riddle responds with a roundhouse kick and then a fishermen’s suplex. Jey hits a pop-up neckbreaker and covers for a two count. Riddle goes up top but Jey knocks Riddle off the top rope crashing down to the mat. Jey goes up top but Riddle runs up to the top. Paul Heyman distracts the ref and Roman Reigns runs up to save Jey and knock Riddle to the mat. Jey Uso hits the splash and covers for three.

Winners: The Usos

After the match the Bloodline assault Riddle and Orton, Reigns locks in the guillotine on Riddle and places him on the announce table. Jey hits the splash from the top rope through the announce table. Reigns then locks in the guillotine on Orton as WWE officials run out to stomp the Bloodline. SmackDown goes off the air with the Bloodline holding up all of the title belts.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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