ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham’s opponent has been revealed for the upcoming Terminus: Modern Age Grappling event. He will square off against Invictus Khash on May 22nd. Gresham recently confirmed that Terminus event will continue.

Fightful Select recently caught up with the ROH World Champion ahead of Terminus: Modern Age Grappling. He stated that the Terminus shows will continue, but that this is a joint effort with Baron Black. Modern Age Grappling is more his personal opinion. He also made it clear that he is finished with Impact Wrestling.

He reiterated that ROH is coming back soon, and he’s winding down his indie work as a result. He’s healthy after sustaining a concussion in April, and learned quite a bit about concussions as a results. He was pulled from his last IMPACT date, and confirmed that he’s finished up with them for the time being. However, he is open to doing some work with them in the future.

Despite the fact that he is signed with AEW/ROH, he claimed that every firm he has worked for has been happy with him running events. He had to put Terminus on hold in order to keep his usual life going. Gresham reaffirmed that ROH is returning shortly, and as a result, he is tapering down his indie activities.


After suffering concussion in April, he is now fine and has learnt a lot about concussions as a result. He was withdrawn from his last IMPACT engagement and confirmed that he is no longer working with them. He is, nevertheless, willing to collaborate with them in the future.

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