Roman Reigns is the only current world champion on either Raw or SmackDown. WWE will have to get creative with their booking for several upcoming events as Reigns’ new deal means he will make fewer appearances going forward. That will start with the upcoming Hell in a Cell premium live event.

Reigns will be working several premium live events throughout the Summer. That said, it will only be for major builds. Reigns is also expected to have a reduced television schedule, as well.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Roman Reigns is now off for the Hell in A Cell event in Chicago. The company will have to come up with a main event that doesn’t involve a world title match. There are plenty of options, but it doesn’t look like they will include Roman.

“Basically, Roman Reigns is not going to be on every pay-per-view. He’s off the Chicago show… He will be doing pay-per-views this Summer. Even though he was removed from all the advertising after June 24, I believe it is, yeah, June 24 in Austin… But he’s been removed from all advertising from house shows, TVs, everything except for the two stadium shows.”


As WWE transitions towards having a part-time champion, the rosters are facing a bit of a depth issue. Raw has no world champ at all, and SmackDown will get Reigns when he is available. Right now, Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins appears to be the top feud heading into HIAC.

Time will tell how things play out with Roman Reigns being removed from Hell in a Cell. WWE will have to build up some undercard matches to compensate for their lack of a champion on the show. Without the company’s top draw, some fans may quickly lose interest in the event.

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