Elias pulled off the drifter gimmick effortlessly. The crowd loved to walk with him. Elias had run-ins with the likes of John Cena, Edge and other top stars in the WWE. Then, he stopped appearing on WWE TV. Now, his ‘younger brother’ is taking over Monday Night RAW.

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Ezekiel made his debut on the RAW after WrestleMania 38 and has been trying to prove that he’s the younger brother of Elias. Ezekiel has every superstar but Kevin Owens convinced that he’s younger brother of Elias. WWE recently did a video package on Ezekiel talking about the time he and Elias drove miles to meet Shawn Michaels.

“We’re here at Monday Night RAW and it is not lost on me how crazy it is that I get to get into a WWE ring. I can remember when Elias got his license and I didn’t have mine yet, wasn’t old enough, but he just wanted to travel the world and go anywhere and everywhere he could. But at sixteen, you don’t have too many options.

“So, being a big Shawn Michaels’ fan I knew that he was doing a singing not too far away. So I asked my brother, ‘Hey do you wanna go?’ And he agreed to it. I remember we get in the car and right away Elias, he’s got to play this demo for me that he’s been working on and he pops it on. I’m thinkin, ‘That’s pretty good man.’ Yeah, I was impressed honestly.

“I might be biased but he knew he’d been playing for a few months at that time, and I really enjoyed. I’m talking as head off, ‘What am I gonna say? Am I gonna talk about the boyhood dream or WrestleMania 14? What am I gonna say to Shawn?’ We get there, we’re in line and I’m all worked up. Elias just says, ‘Zeke, just keep it cool man.’

“I walk up to Shawn and I say to Shawn, ‘You make me wanna be a WWE superstar.’ My brother, Elias, he snapped this picture I wanted to show you. I can remember driving home that night with my brother. I just met my favorite WWE superstar and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Does life get any better than this?'”

Ezekiel has so far done a great job pulling off his new gimmick. He previously opened up about Elias’ mysterious disappearance on WWE’s The Bump. We’ll have to wait and see if he can convince Owens.

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