Michael Elgin was reportedly arrested last Summer after his ex-fiance brought forward allegations of abuse. A protective order was filed against Elgin after the allegations came out. The arrest was reported to have occurred after Michael violated that order. Elgin has now released new information to refute the fact that he was ever arrested at all.

Elgin has vehemently defended himself against the charges. The former ROH World Champion says he was never even arrested. Now, he has produced documents that he says prove he was never arrested.

WrestlingNews.co received the documents directly from Michael Elgin. Elgin claimed that he would never have been able to get a Japanese work visa if he was arrested or had a criminal record. Elgin claims his visit to the police station was simply for a wellness check.

Michael Elgin said the original protective order expired on November 12, 2021. On the 18th, a sheriff served him with a fresh order. On December 7, he was summoned to court over the matter. Elgin reported to the courthouse with evidence, but his ex-fiance did not show up. The restraining order was then rescinded.


Elgin also provided a document proving that he complied with the wellness check, spending three days in the hospital starting on July 2, 2021. His arrest allegedly took place on June 30, 2021. Elgin also provided a receipt from a Circle K gas station dated June 30th. The receipt was date stamped, but had no timestamp.

There is no evidence of an arrest on the St. Clair County website from June 30th or any other date. Belleville police did not have any further information. Elgin now plans on suing the department and the city over the matter.

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