Independent pro wrestling legend, Michael Elgin, aka Aaron Frobel, has responded to recent allegations made by his ex-fiance. She stated that he broke the orders of protection set up by authorities for her own protection after incidents back in June and leading to that time. Essentially he was to stay away from his ex, but broke those parameters, according to her.

Elgin posted a video on YouTube taking responsibility for some of his actions, but he stated that there was no truth to his having been arrested. This is despite the fact that even his Wikipedia page states that he was arrested in July, when this all went down.

The statements on YouTube seem to be a way for him to clear up the lies he stated were made by his ex-fiance in order to slander his image and run his name through the mud. Here’s some of what he said:

“(His ex) jumped at the opportunity to spread false information online. I will take full blame for that last week of our relationship. You did get an order of protection but an order of protection if you go to court and you fight about it and it gets put in place it’s for two years. Your lawyer contacted my lawyer and said let’s leave it in place for six months and then it will be over. I agreed because I did not want to see you in court and deal with you being upset and seeing you cry and that would have devastated me because I was already broken and I was in a dark place. I was in a dark place for a long time and this is the first time I’ve had some freedom.


The last few days of our relationship when you moved out on April 20th, I was having a breakdown and that’s no excuse, it’s not. I know that I was wrong and yes, I was upset, I was frustrated, I was heartbroken. I was trying to call and text way too much. I agree with you there but maybe that’s because you made sure I was isolated. I told everybody, which nobody believed me of course, that I was taken down to the police station for a wellness check. I asked why they were taking my picture.

They said if we don’t take a wellness check seriously, they could be held liable if I hurt myself or if I hurt anybody else. And then they sent me to the hospital and from the hospital, I went to the psych ward and I spent three days there – July 2nd, 3rd and 4th and I was released on the 5th. If I was arrested and I did break the order of protection, that’s a misdemeanor right? So if you go to St. Clair County website and type in Aaron Frobel, December 13, 1986 then you can verify this.

Yes, I had a breakdown that last week and it’s no excuse. I’m not saying it was an excuse to act like an a**hole that week. It’s not but through counseling and psychiatry, I found that a lot of things I never dealt with over my life and it just all hit me at once. And if you hadn’t left I don’t think I would have worked on things and I really don’t think I would have the lease on life I would right now if all this didn’t go down this way. I think I’ll have a better lease on life if people watch this video and check everything out.

(I) can be an angry person but not at you and not normally at regular people or people in my life but I get angry and I get heated, yes. My outlet was always wrestling but now I didn’t have that outlet and sometimes it was nice to let off steam. You because of your past, you would ask me to calm down and I would say, ‘baby I’m not mad at you’ and you would say, ‘I know but still this frustrates me.’”

Elgin went on from there, and if you want to hear more, the original video was posted on his YouTube channel but was taken down, Elgin stating it was flagged for being harassement, so he edited a version – a new version – and it is posted here below.

In it he reiterates that he was innocent and that he will fight for what’s right and what is true. His previous sentiments and his planning to end his own life to prove that he was right, is something he thankfully won’t be following through with, for his son’s sake, he says in the new video.

Despite that Elgin has had quite the run in pro wrestling, and in some of the more prominent territories in the indie portion of the industry – ROH, NJPW, Impact – he has had to hold a job in a health club. He stated hat his ex-fiance cost him that job as well though, with all she has done to slander him.

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